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How to get Facebook dating? One of my subscribers asked not too long ago about the famous dating service by Facebook. And this actually led me to write about it. It is simple and easy to get through to Facebook dating. But in order to get this information, you will have to read the contents of this post in total.

How to Get Facebook Dating

How to Get Facebook Dating

When the parent company, Facebook announced and made known their plans of delving into the dating world, there was a lot of skepticism. Many users were of the notion that Facebook would bring something that has already been there. Others were on the other hand full of anxiety in anticipation of the feature.

However since its launch, one can say that the platform did not fail. Facebook took all users and showed them something that has not been seen before in the dating scene.  Although the feature is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook, it has been met with positive reviews from those who have had the opportunity to make use of it.

Facebook Dating Features

There are lots of features to this service by Facebook. It has announced that users who are eligible to make use of it will be able to link their Facebook and Instagram stories to the platform. It is also said they can import other things from the neighboring social media platforms such as names, date of birth, and others.

Users will not have to wait before they match. There also is no swiping feature on this platform. To show interest in a person and profile, users are expected to simply like or comment directly on a profile and that’s it. If the person reciprocates the gesture they can start communicating.

There is also a feature on the platform known as the secret crush feature. Facebook normally will not allow users to match with their friends on the platform Facebook. But rather will let you match or suggest users to you that are not in your circle. And this is where the secret crush feature comes in. the secret crush feature here will let you add up to nine Facebook and Instagram friends to your dating profile.

How to Find the Facebook Dating button within the Facebook App

Finding and accessing the Facebook dating app is easy. Once you are eligible to make use of the Facebook dating service, follow the steps below to access the Facebook dating feature;

  • Login to your Facebook mobile app.
  • On the Facebook app page, tap the hamburger icon and select the dating option.
  • You may be required to tap on the see more button to find the dating option.

Now once you have done that, you will be taken to the Facebook dating page fully where you will be required to set up a dating profile. Or you can use the search bar to search for Facebook dating and also tapping the shortcut from the search results.

Note: Facebook dating as a feature is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. You must be 18 years and older to make use of the feature. Your Facebook mobile app must be updated to the most recent version. Lastly, Facebook dating is only available to android and iOS users as desktop and computer users cannot access it for now.

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