How To Get More Space On Xbox One

Regardless of what kind of gamer you are, casual or a seasoner gamer, you may run out of storage space on your Xbox One. The Xbox One device you have will determine the storage you have. Games can take up internal console storage space, so it is normal to search the web about “How to get more space on Xbox One?” There is no shame in that, so don’t worry. Also, we have got you covered in this article.

There are two methods you can use to expand your storage space on Xbox One. Xbox One console usually comes with a 500GB storage drive or 1TB of storage. What came into your mind just now? Oh, I can swap my storage for a bigger one. I get it, but do you feel it is more convenient than getting an external storage drive?

How To Get More Space On Xbox One

The best and easiest way to get more space on your Xbox One is by adding an external hard drive. Well, let’s not waste any more time and proceed to how to get more space on Xbox One.

Get More Space on Xbox One by Adding External Storage

This is the most convenient way to expand your console storage space. You can purchase an external drive and then plug it into any of your Xbox One USB ports. To use external storage on your Xbox, your drive must hold up to 128GB or more and connects via USB 3.0/3.1.

The first time, you will connect the external storage driver, Xbox will prompt you to format your device. To use the external storage, you must first set it up or configure it.

Once that is done, the next step will be to format the device manually and you can use the steps below to do that;

  • Press the Xbox button to load the guide.
  • Next, navigate to “Profile & System”.
  • Then go to “Settings” and the System > Storage
  • Now, select the external drive and select “Format”. Or you can press use for media.
  • Type the name of the drive.
  • To commence, select whether to install games on the driver by default or not.
  • Lastly, select “Format Storage Device”

The steps above can be used for both Xbox One and Xbox Series because they both share interfaces and features.

How to Manage Xbox One Storage

Another way to get more space on Xbox One is by managing your storage; these include videos, games, apps, saved files, and others. The storage on the console will still be occupied regardless of whether games or apps are installed or not. This is because, most of the space is available for games and apps, while some are reserved for saved games, console software, and others on the device.

Manage Internal and External Storage Drive

To manage both your internal and external storage drive, follow the below;

  • Press the Xbox button on your control and the guide will be loaded.
  • Next, select “Profile & System”.
  • Then, go to settings > System> Storage Devices.

The storage will be displayed, showing each drive with its available storage space. Now, select a drive you’d like to manage. Here is what you can do;

View Contents

When you select this option, you will be redirected to games and apps and also will see how much space they are using. From here, you can use it to uninstall or manage games and add-ons. Select the checkbox for each add-on you want to uninstall and then proceed to save changes.

Move or Copy

This option lets you to transfers files from one storage to another. If there are games on your console that are taking up space, you can move or copy them to an external storage device. Below is how to set external storage;

  • Press on the X button to open the guide and then select “My games & apps”, then select See all > Games.
  • Then highlight a game and press the menu button, then select “Manage game and add ons”.
  • Select the game box and then “Move or Copy”. This option is up to you.
  • Now, select the checkboxes for the items you’d like to move or copy and then choose a drive they should be moved or copied to.
  • Then press “Copy selected or Move Selected”.


This option allows you to uninstall the games and apps you no longer want on the device. The process is easy. Uninstall a game on Xbox One using the steps below;

  • Press the X button to open the guide menu.
  • Then select “My games & apps”.
  • From the next page, select “See All”.
  • Now, you are to select games or apps
  • Highlight a game you no longer want and press the menu button on your controller.
  • Then “select Uninstall.

Delete Files

Another option to use and get more space on Xbox One is by deleting saved files taking up a large amount of storage. You don’t have to worry, because your data will be saved on the Xbox Live cloud. Below is how to delete saved files;

  • Press the Xbox button and go to Profile & System.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Next select System > Storage.
  • On the next page which is the manage storage devices, select “Clear local saved games” or “Clear local Xbox 360 storage”.

Remove Leftover Add ons and Shrinkable Games

Leftover add-ons are those items that will remain after you uninstall a game or app. To remove them from your device completely, use the directives below;

  • On your Xbox One controller, press the X button to open the guide.
  • Then select “My games & apps”.
  • Now, select See all, manage and lastly “Free up space”.
  • Next, choose Left add-ones or Shrinkable games.
  • Now, highlight the items you no longer want and press the menu button, then select “uninstall”.


Running out of storage on your Xbox One is inevitable, so we hope with this article, you can figure out the step you want to use to get more space on Xbox. Above in this article, we have shared the two authentic methods you can use to get more storage space on Xbox One. If you wish to ask questions or share your thoughts with us, kindly use the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get more storage on your Xbox One?

The easiest ways you can use to get more storage on your Xbox One is by uninstalling unused apps and games or purchasing an external storage drive.

How do I get more storage on my Xbox without deleting anything?

Your best bet at expanding your Xbox One storage without deleting or uninstalling files is to add an external hard drive. This is the easiest method that is approved by Microsoft and also allows you to add storage without deleting your files.

Why does my Xbox only have 364 GB of storage?

This happens because of the large amount of space that the system files occupy.

Is 512GB enough for Xbox?

512GB is enough for the device to function well, but it is not enough for many users. After the system files must have taken up their space, what will be left? Not much and you will be left to download, delete, download, and delete again. This is very stressful, so your best bet is to expand your storage by buying an external storage device.

Does full storage slow down Xbox One?

Yes, if your Xbox One storage is running out, it may cause issues in performance, such as slowing down actions. Remove the apps and games that are not in use.

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