How To Get Rid Of The Ads On Facebook


Tired of all the Ads that pop up when scrolling through the News feed on Facebook? Lucky for you, you can get rid of them. To help you stop those ads from popping up, below we outline the steps to follow on how to get rid of the ads on Facebook.

When you shop for items online or search the internet, websites can track your buying information, making it easy for them to pop up ads. Well, you don’t have to worry much, just keep reading to find out how to stop getting ads on Fb.

How To Get Rid Of The Ads On Facebook

It is important to know that Facebook doesn’t want ads to be removed from the platform and there is no application to remove them. However, you can limit the ads you see. Although you can’t opt out of or block seeing ads on your Facebook news feed, you can however influence the types of ads you see. Alternatively, you can hide ads and advertisers that you don’t wish to see.

How To Block Ads On Facebook

To stop seeing ads you can either block or hide them from appearing on your account. To hide ads from your account, here are the steps to follow;

Hide an ad;

  • Click on the three dots icon at the top right side of the ad.
  • Then, click “Hide ad” and follow the prompts that will appear on the screen.

To hide ads from an advertiser;

  • Click the three dots in the top right side of the ad and choose “Why am I seeing this ad?’
  • Then, next to “Hide all ads from this advertiser, click on “Hide”.

The ads will be blocked and also you won’t receive ads from advertisers you have blocked.

How To Set Facebook Ads Preference

The ad preferences let you adjust the ads that you wish to see on the platform and it also gives you the ability to control information that will be used to show you ads. To view and adjust your Facebook ads, follow the steps below;

  • Click on your profile and select Settings & Privacy.
  • Then click “Settings”.
  • Select “Ads” on the left side.

From there, you can view the advertisers you see recently and select to see fewer ads about topics. You can choose the ad topics you would like to see on your News Feed, using the guidelines below;

  • From the Settings & Privacy page, select Settings.
  • Then click on “Ads” on the left side.
  • Click on “Ads Topics”. Below the “Data-driven topics” link, you will see the topics representing interest categories that advertisers can use to reach you.
  • Select the topic you to see and click “See Less” to see less of an ad topic.
  • Then you will see “Topics you see less of”, from there change your preference by choosing a topic and click on “No Preference”.


There is how you can get rid of Ads on Facebook easily. We hope you find this article helpful, and if yes, do well to share it with your friends. Also, the comment section is open to your questions and thoughts.

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