How To Hit MLB The Show 21 Xbox

MLB The Show 21 isn’t an easy game to play, however, by knowing the right hits and controls to follow, you are sure to be an exceptional player. In this article on how to hit MLB the show 21 Xbox, we will be sharing the hitting controls to use.

How To Hit MLB The Show 21 Xbox

To help you get a good grip on the virtual bat of the MLB the show 21 on your Xbox, below we will outline the hit controls for you. Without taking much of your time, below are the hit controls to use while playing MLB the show on your Xbox;

Hitting Controls for Zone Interface;

  • Left Stick: Aim the Plate Coverage indication to target the ball when it comes through.
  • Y: press it before the pitch and hold for a Sacrifice Bunt. For a Drag Bunt, press as the pitch is in flight.
  • X is for a power swing.
  • B is for contact swing.
  • A is for standard swing.

Hitting Controls for Pure Analog Interface;

  • Right stick up is for normal swing.
  • Right stick left or right is for contact swing.
  • Right stick down then up is for a power swing
  • Release right stick is for check swing.
  • Tilt right stick up and left or right to influence the hit direction.

Directional Interface;

  • Left stick up is to influence fly ball.
  • Left stick down is to influence ground ball.
  • Left stick left or right is to influence hit direction.

Hitting Controls for Batting Misc.;

  • R2 + X, Square, Circle, or Triangle: Guess pitch type.
  • R2 + Left Stick: Guess location.
  • D-Pad UP is for quick menu.
  • D-Pad Left is for pitcher attributes and player quirks.
  • D-Pad Right is for pitching and batting breakdown.
  • D-Pad Down is for call timeout.

Lastly, if you are setting up a bunt, you can use the right stick to influence the direction of your bunt. For a Drag Bunt, pull the right stick toward your player. The above are the controls to use and hit MLB the Show 21.


With the hit controls now in your knowledge, you can break some records in MLB The Show 21. We hope the controls listed are helpful. If you have further suggestions or maybe questions, feel free to use the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hit in MLB the show on Xbox?

To make a hit in MLB use the controls below;

  • For normal swing, use A.
  • Contact Swing, use B
  • Power Swing, use X.

How do I get better at hitting in the show?

To get better at hitting in the MLB the Show, take your time to learn the controls and tips. Learning is the only way to get better at hitting.

Is MLB The Show hard to play?

MLB The Show can be hard if you are a new player, however, once you understand and learn the controls, you will enjoy playing it.

What type of hitting is best in MLB The Show?

For new players, the best hitting setting is Timing, then for returning players, directional is the best. For the experienced veterans of the game, Zone is the best hitting setting.

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