How to Link Showmax to Smart TV

Want to learn how to link Showmax to Smart TV? As luck would have it, you’re reading the right post. As technology continues to redefine the way we experience entertainment, the integration of streaming services with smart TVs has become increasingly prevalent. 

How to Link Showmax to Smart TV

Showmax offers a seamless viewing experience that can be optimized when linked to your smart TV. By linking Showmax to your smart TV, you can access a wide collection of movies, TV series, and documentaries. Sounds interesting, right? Well, the process is easy and fast. However, if you don’t know how to navigate it through, we are here to assist you.

Steps to Linking Showmax to Smart TV

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can link your Showmax account to your Smart Tv and enjoy premium streaming on a bigger screen;

Step 1: Accessing the Smart TV Interface

To begin the linking process, turn on your smart TV and navigate to the home screen or interface of your television. Ensure that your smart TV is connected to the internet for a seamless integration with Showmax.

Step 2: Searching for the Showmax Application

Using your smart TV remote, access the application store or content platform available on your smart TV. Look for the Showmax application by either browsing through the categories or using the search function for quicker access.

Step 3: Installing the Showmax Application

Once you locate the Showmax application, select it and choose the option to install the application on your smart TV. Allow the installation process to complete, ensuring a stable internet connection throughout.

Step 4: Logging in to Your Showmax Account

After the installation is complete, launch the Showmax application on your smart TV. Sign in to your Showmax account using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, you can create one directly from the TV interface.

Step 5: Exploring the Showmax Content

Upon successful login, you can explore the diverse range of content available on Showmax. Browse through the various categories, genres, and recommendations to find the movies and TV shows that pique your interest.


By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly link Showmax to your smart TV, unlocking a gateway to an extensive collection of entertainment options. So, we hope, with the steps above, you’re able to link Showmax to your TV in order to enjoy premium entertainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Showmax mobile work on smart TVs?

There is an app for Smart TV which you can find on your TV application store. The mobile application is different and can only be accessed by compatible mobile devices. 

How does Showmax work on TV?

It works just like it does on smartphones. All you have to do is, sign into the app with your credentials and start streaming. But before you continue, make sure you have subscribed or paid for a plan.

Can I mirror my phone to my smart TV without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can mirror your phone to your TV without an Internet connection. Mirroring your device doesn’t require an internet connection, so you’re good to go.

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