How To Merge Pages On Facebook


Do you have two pages on Facebook that essentially do the same thing and you are wondering how to merge the two? Well, here is a walkthrough on how to merge pages on Facebook, so ensure to read to the end. Merging pages means that pages will function as one and you will like to lose photos, posts, reviews, ratings, and usernames.

When you merge two pages on Facebook, the new page will be unchanged, other than the addition of likes and check-ins from the merged page. Sounds like something you’d like to do? Yes? Well, read to find out.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook

Merging pages on Facebook is very easy and fast to do, but if the steps are unknown to you, you are lucky. Below we will list the steps to use and merge your pages instead of managing them separately. You can merge pages using a smartphone or the fb website.

How to Merge Facebook Pages

Have in mind that you can only merge two pages if you are an admin and they have the same name and represent the same thing. Now, follow the simple instructions below to merge your two pages;

Using a Computer or Desktop;

  • Log into your account and then from your feed, click on “Pages” in the left menu. In most cases, you may have to click on “See more” first.
  • Go to your page and select “Settings”, then “General”.
  • Click on “Merge Pages” and then “Merge duplicate pages”.
  • Then enter your Facebook password and click on “Continue”.
  • To submit your merge request, follow the prompts on your screen.

Android Devices;

  • Tap on the horizontal icon in the top right side of your account and select “Pages.
  • Then go to your page and tap on “More” on the right side and select “Settings”.
  • From your account’s settings menu, tap on “General”.
  • Tap on “Merge Pages” and enter your password, then tap on “Continue”.
  • Tap on “Choose a Page” to select the two pages you’d like to merge and select “Continue”.
  • Lastly, tap on “Request merge”.

iOS Devices;

  • Tap on the horizontal key at the bottom right side of your Facebook account and select “Pages”.
  • Go to your page and tap on “More” on the right side.
  • Select “Settings” and then “General”.
  • Tap on “Merge Pages, enter your Facebook password when prompted to, and tap “Continue”.
  • Tap on “Choose a Page to pick out the two pages you want to merge and then “Continue”.
  • Finally, tap on “Request merge”.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the merge request to be reviewed by Facebook. Once the request is granted, the pages will be merged and you can easily manage them from the same place.


That is everything you need to know about merging Facebook pages. Merging pages that are similar and share the same name is great because you can manage both pages from one page. We hope you find the guide on merging pages on Facebook helpful. Do well to leave your questions and contributions in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

When merging Facebook pages which one stays?

When you merge two pages into one, the URL for page one would stay the same and should be one to link to your site (if you have a website).

Is it possible to merge Facebook pages?

Absolutely. You can merge pages on Facebook to manage them as one instead of managing the same pages separately.

How to merge Facebook pages with different business manager?

Sadly, there is no feature on Facebook that allows users to merge two pages from different business manager accounts. Both pages must be in the same business manager account before you can merge them.

Can I merge two Facebook pages from different accounts?

No, you can’t merge two pages from different Facebook accounts. To merge pages, they must be in the same account.

How do I merge Facebook pages without losing content?

There is no way to merge two pages without losing content, honestly. The only things you will have on the new merged page are check-ins and page likes. You will lose others like posts, photos, events, reviews, etc.

Why can’t merge my Facebook pages?

One valid reason why you can’t merge your pages is that they are not eligible to be merged. To merge two pages, they must have things in common.

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