How To Reset Sound On Samsung Tv

Did you just discover that there is no sound on your Samsung Tv? Well, don’t panic. This could be due to certain factors and in this article, we will be sharing how to reset sound on Samsung Tv, so read on. Just like the issue came, there is a solution for it as well, it doesn’t matter if you can’t hear a sound or no volume at all, this guide will help.

If your Samsung Tv is not performing as it should or maybe you would like to reset, well, the steps in this article will help. Samsung is one of the most reputable brands with high-quality smart TVs and the best features. Even if it is the best brand, there may be times when your Samsung Tv sound just doesn’t work. Well, when experiencing these issues, a quick solution is to reset the sound on your TV.

How To Reset Sound On Samsung Tv

Resetting your Tv sound will undo all the settings and help repair glitches in the sound system. There are a few steps to follow to reset your Samsung Tv sound, so let’s find out.

How to Reset Sound Settings on Samsung TV

Resetting your Samsung Tv sound can be done in different methods and below we will be sharing all the steps to follow. Now, follow the simple steps below to reset your Samsung tv sound settings;

  • Holding your Tv remote, press the home button.
  • From there, go to Settings following the prompt pad on the remote control.
  • Next, click on “Settings”.
  • Hover to “Sound Settings” and select “Expert Settings”.
  • Now, toggle to reset the tv sound, and press yes to reset your Samsung Tv sound.

There is an easy reset step for your Samsung tv sound settings. Now, if you don’t have a remote, you can reset it by pressing the tv power button and then following the steps above.

Does it Require to Reset Sound Settings to Get the Sound Back?

Well, the answer is no, however, there is an easy way to fix your sound back. If you don’t wish to reset your tv sound, you can try unplugging your Samsung TV from the wall socket. This is a very common method to use and get your tv sound back.

Make sure the Tv stays unplugged for approximately 60 seconds or even more. The key is to be patient enough, yes, I know you are eager to see what will happen in your favorite show. But how will you enjoy the show without a good sound?

Next, with the Tv still unplugged, locate the power button on the Tv and hold for a few seconds (30 at least). Not your tv remote power button, though. Out of 100% of cases, this step has worked for 80% and the rest 20% intend to use the steps above or simply update TV software. So, if this step doesn’t work for you, below is how to update your Samsung TV software.

How to Update Samsung TV’s Software

It is important to update your Samsung to the highest version. Follow the steps below to update your Samsung tv;

  • Go to your Tv settings.
  • Next, click on “Support” and then toggle the pad to “Software Update”.
  • Lastly, click on “Update Software”.

The update process will start and automatically, it will be updated. Now, if the updating still doesn’t work out, you can try some other steps.

Other Samsung Tv Troubleshooting Steps

Below are a few other steps that can be used to get the sound back on your Samsung;

Check The TV Sound Output

If the output on your Tv is not properly placed, it will likely affect the sound, thereby making it impossible for the tv to create sound. To try this step, go to your sound settings to check if the output is placed or set properly. This is important because your Tv is connected to a Tv speaker, there is no way the sound will come out.

Sound Diagnostic Test

The above is checked and is properly in place, then you should test your sound diagnostic. Here is how to run the test;

  • Press Home on the Tv remote and go to Settings.
  • Now, click on “Support” from the settings.
  • Next, select “Self Diagnosis”.
  • Lastly, click on “Start Sound Test”.

Once this is set up and the process has begun, Samsung will automatically detect glitches or problems with the sound system. If there are issues, you will be required to reset the sound, and if there are none, contact Samsung Tv support.


If the sound on your Samsung Tv is not working, you have to start by resetting the sound setting. If even after doing all the steps above and it doesn’t work (which is unlikely to happen), contact Samsung support. We hope the steps listed above are helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore the Sound on my Samsung TV?

To reset your Samsung Tv sound, go to the settings, select Support, and then Self Diagnosis. Now, click on Sound Test and wait for the test to complete. If a problem is revealed, the next is to reset the sound. From the same settings, select Sound and click on “Expert Settings”. Lastly, click on “Reset Sound”.

How do I reset my Samsung Sound mode?

Here is how to reset the sound mode on Samsung;

  • From the Smart Hub panel, click on “Settings”.
  • Select Sound and “Expert Settings”.
  • Now, select sound reset and reset all the sound settings.

Why is my TV playing but no sound?

There are a few factors that could be caused by your Tv not having sound, however, you can unplug your TV connection cables and reboot it.

Why is there no sound on my TV HDMI?

Ensure that the HDMI cables are connected correctly to both the source device and TV. There are some cases where you will need additional audio cables, mostly when you are using an HDMI to DVI cable or adapter.

Where is the audio output on Samsung TV?

To locate the audio output on your tv, press the home button from the remote and select Settings. Then hover to Sound and then Sound Output.

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