How To Save Ideas You Like On Pinterest

Ever come across an idea you like on Pinterest and wondered how you can save it? Lucky for you, Pinterest enables you to save pins easily, In this guide, you will learn how to save ideas you like on Pinterest, so read on.

How To Save Ideas You Like On Pinterest

Pinterest allows users to share ideas or thoughts on the platform to be saved by those that find them interesting or useful. Saving a Pin idea on Pinterest is easy and by reading on you will learn everything you need to know about it.

As stated above, saving a pin idea you like on Pinterest is easy and pins can be saved using the web or mobile app. Follow the easy steps below to save your favorite pin ideas on the platform;

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On Pinterest Web;

  • On your Pinterest account, hover over a Pin or click on it to open a Pin closeup.
  • Then, choose a board you’d like to save your pin to.
  • Click on “Save” in the top right side to save to the board or create a new board.

Mobile Devices;

  • Tap on the Pin you like to open the closeup
  • Then tap on Save at the bottom of the pin and choose a board or create a new board.

Above is how to save a pin to your boards on Pinterest. Follow the instructions below to save to your mobile device computer;

On Desktop;

  • Click on the Pin you like and which to save or download.
  • Next, click on the three dots to the image and then “Download Image”.

Mobile Devices;

  • Tap the Pin you want to download.
  • At the top right side of the screen, tap on the three dots icon.
  • Tap on “Download Image”.

Just like that, the pin you like will be saved into your device and you can access it offline anytime and share with friends.

How To Search For An Idea On Pinterest

There are many ways to search for ideas on Pinterest. Your home feed is where you can discover and search for Pins from the people and boards that you follow. To search for an idea on Pinterest, use the methods below;

Discover Ideas on Your Home Feed

This is the place you can easily discover ideas from the people and boards you follow. From your home feed, you will also find recommendations for pins you might love or boards to follow inspired by your recent activity.

Your Pinterest home feed has two tabs, Home and Today on the website, then Browse and Watch on the mobile app. You can select the option you’d like to check out to find an idea.

Search for Ideas

This is the easiest way to find an idea on Pinterest. You can search Pinterest to discover ideas of your interest. When you tap or click on the search engine, you can explore suggested topics or input a search term. You can enter search terms like home decorations, artwork, dinner ideas, hairstyles, healthy, etc. Whatever idea you’d like to search for on Pinterest, simply enter the keyword on the search engine.

Explore Suggested Topics

Pinterest will show you suggested topics based on your activities on the platform. This feed is based on your interest and what is trending.

How To Make Idea Pin On Pinterest

Idea pins on Pinterest are easy to create for brand products or goods. To make an idea pin on Pinterest, use the directives below;

On Web;

  • On your Pinterest account, click on Create and then select “Create Idea Pin”.
  • Choose the videos or pictures you want to upload from your computer. You can select up to 20 videos or pictures.
  • Use the editing tools at the right side of the screen to design pages for the videos or pictures by adding text, background, etc.
  • Click on next to head to the finishing touches and add cover, tags, title, destination website, board, etc.
  • Lastly, click on “Publish” to share.

On Mobile Apps;

  • Tap the + located at the bottom of the screen and select “Idea Pin”.
  • Tap on Camera to record a video or select a video or pictures from your phone. Select next.
  • Select a page and start designing by adding effects, backgrounds, or text and tap on Done.
  • On the finishing touches page, add a cover, text, list, board, tags, and others.
  • Finally, tap on “Publish” to post.

That is how to make an idea pin for your business on Pinterest.

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How To Use Idea Pins On Pinterest

Idea pins can be used to tell a story, create step-by-step guides on a recipe, DIY tips, or maybe share what happens in your creative process. Matter of fact, idea pins are a great way for showcasing your skills or brand’s products. Furthermore, you can find inspiration in other users’ ideas.

Using idea pins can give your business the exposure that it needs to grow, and drive sales and traffic. While making an idea pin, you can add background music and voiceovers. You can use the feature to include almost anything you think will be of use to other users.

How to save someone else’s board on Pinterest

Are you finding it very difficult to save someone else’s board on Pinterest? well, if that is the case then you are probably lucky reading this article.

first you have to login to your Pinterest account, then locate or navigate to the person’s profile and select the board you will like to save, and click on the Icon save button that is located at the top right corner of the board.

Then Hit on the Create a Board Tab, so you can name of create a board, then tap on the “Create” button that is found at the button corner of that board. Following the above procedures you can successfully save someone else’s board on Pinterest.

Why can’t I find my saved pins on Pinterest

If you cannot find your saved pins on Pinterest or if all your boards and pins are missing or look different. Now the reason for this is that you are viewing your created tab. What you need to do is to go back to your board, click your profile, then click saved. you deleted the pin or board.


Saving pin ideas, you find on Pinterest is easy and is a way to organize your page for others to visit. In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about saving an idea on Pinterest. If you have questions to ask related to saving pin ideas on Pinterest, feel free to use the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Pinterest Saved Images?

If you saved an image on Pinterest to your phone, you can find it in your Photo Library or Gallery. On the other hand, if saved images on Pinterest, there you can find them on the board you saved them into.

How do you save things on Pinterest?

To save an idea you like on Pinterest, click or tap on it to open a closeup. Then select “Save” next to a board you like to save in or simply create a new board.

How do I find pins I’ve liked?

When you like a pin on your Pinterest account, it will be placed on a new board on your profile labeled “Your Pinterest Likes”. This board is visible to only you because it is private.

Does Pinterest save your likes?

Yes. Pinterest removed the like button, however, all the pins you have liked on the platform are saved in a private board named “Pins you liked”. You can easily access the pins you have liked on your profile page.

What is the difference between pinning and saving on Pinterest?

Pinning and Saving are the same things on Pinterest. Pinterest changed Pin it to Save, so instead of seeing pin, now you see save.

What does it mean to save something on Pinterest?

Saving something within the Pinterest platform means you are adding it to your profile or boards. While saving to a phone means you can look at it whenever you want offline and also share it with friends.

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