How To Search Filters On Instagram

Filters on Instagram are a great way to express yourself and add fun effects to your pictures and video. In this article, you will learn how to search filters on Instagram. Searching for filters on Instagram is very easy and they add excitement to your selfies.

Make sure to read to the end to learn how you can search and use filters on your Instagram posts and stories.

To level up your Instagram selfies, using filters are a great way to start. You can make use of existing filters on the platform, or simply search for new ones on the Effect gallery. Here in this article, you will learn how to search for filters and also how to save them to your phone.

How To Search Filters On Instagram

There are many filters on Instagram that you can use on your stories to add fun and creative effects to them. You can use your iPhone or Android phone.

How To Search Filters On Instagram with iPhone

There are two methods of searching for Filters on Instagram; from a friend’s story and Effect gallery. Follow the steps below to search for filters on Instagram using your iPhone;

From A Friend’s Story

  • Go to a Friend’s story on Instagram and tap on the filter’s name on the screen.
  • Then tap on “View effect” from the pop-up menu.
  • Now, you can choose to try it or save the effect.

Search by Category;

  • Launch the Instagram app and swipe to the right side to open Camera.
  • Now, browse through the integrated filters at the bottom. If you wish to see more, swipe left until you come across a magnifying glass icon.
  • Tap on the Magnifying glass icon to load “Effect Gallery”.
  • You can go through the filters shown, or use the search box and type in a term.

Look through until you find a filter you’d like to use.

How To Search Filters On Instagram with Android

Android device users can also search for filters on Instagram using the steps below;

From a Friend;

  • On your Instagram account, open the story with the filter you’d like to copy.
  • Tap on the filter’s name.
  • From the pop-up menu, tap on “View Effect”.
  • Now, select whether to try it or save effect.

If you select to save effect, it will be downloaded and saved on your account.

Search by Category;

  • Open Instagram on your Android phone and then swipe right to open Camera.
  • Tap on the filter shown and swipe to the left until you find the magnifying glass icon.
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon to load the “Effect gallery”.
  • Search through the filters shown or use the search box to enter a term.

Select the following to check out the filters designed by the users you are following.

How To Save An Instagram Filter To Camera

When you come across a filter you like on Instagram, of course, the thought of saving it will kick in. But you might likely skip it because the process of saving filters is unknown to you, well, aren’t you fortunate? Follow the guidelines below to save Instagram filters to your camera;

  • While in the effect gallery, tap on a filter you’d like to try.
  • Wait for the preview page to load and select “Download” to save it to your camera.

The new filter you have saved will appear on your camera and will be ready for you to use in your stories.


Above in this article, we have talked about how you can search for filters on Instagram and also how to download and save them to your camera. We hope you find the guidelines helpful.  Make sure to share this article with your friends and use the comment box if you have a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find certain filters on Instagram?

This could be due to an issue with the Instagram app. The possible solution is to troubleshoot the app and start again.

Can I use an effect Instagram removed from the gallery?

There is no way you can use a filter that was removed from your gallery on Instagram. Obviously, the filter was removed for some reason, so you can’t use it again.

How do I see the trending filters?

You can find the trending and newest filters on Instagram from the Effect gallery when you can on it.

Is There an App for Instagram Filters?

Unfortunately, there is no app for Instagram filters. The filters feature is built on the app for users to easily access and make use of.

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