How to Sell On Facebook: Facebook Online Store | Facebook Marketplace


Sell On Facebook – Facebook offers an ideal platform,  where people can socialize,  buy and share whatever it is they have. As a Facebook user,  you can actually use your Facebook page for purposes other than texting poking, and sharing photos. 

The Facebook platform has been designed to accommodate that business side of you,  giving you the opportunity to make extra cash with your Facebook page.


Sell On Facebook

Selling on Facebook is easy,  and only requires you to adhere to Facebook Terms of Use for bands before you start selling in your Facebook updates. With Facebook, there are lots of business tools to help you market your brand. if you are a retailer you can make use f the Facebook store feature or the marketplace feature for free.

And with the huge exposure facebook has, your brand and items will be exposed on a global scale. You get to list your items for sale for free and so many more. This is the ultimate place to do your business. And guess what, it is the largest social media platform in the world (Facebook).

Mediums of Selling On Facebook

There are a couple of apps and features that you can take advantage of to sell on Facebook.  Let’s take a look at them,  and see how you can take advantage of these platforms to make a sale on Facebook.

The Facebook Marketplace

Selling on Facebook Marketplace displays your advertisement in a classified advertising format. Here are the steps to how you can sell on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Sell Via Facebook Marketplace

  • To sell on Facebook Marketplace,  start by clicking on the Marketplace icon in the left column of your News Feed
  • Next, on the “+ Sell Something” icon, thereafter tap on “Item for sale”
  • Key in a title,  for your listing,  the price,  your location, and a category for the item
  • Thereafter, tap on +10 photos,  to upload a photo of your item from your computer
  • Lastly,  tap on the “Post” link. You are advised to include a title,  price,  location,  photo, and category if the “Post” is grayed out.

The Facebook Store

The Facebook Store feature offers you the opportunity to create a shopping experience on your Timeline. With this app,  you can display merchandise or sell products and services,  with your store having as many items as possible.

How to Sell On Facebook Store.

  • Set up a Facebook Business Page, that is different from your personal Facebook account
  • Next,  create a tab for your store on the page
  • Once people visit your Facebook page,  they can click on your Store Tab, and purchase products straight from your Facebook Store.

Apart from selling on Facebook via apps,  you can also sell,  by creating action terms and phrases to post on your wall to lead your community to your website,  share news about a sale,  new merchandise, or a discount.


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