How to Sign Out of Hulu on TV

Don’t know how to sign out of Hulu on TV? Well, that’s okay because we will be sharing steps on how to go about it. The process of signing out of your streaming account on your TV is straightforward. Remember, you can only access the TV version using the app.

I understand how streaming from a bigger screen can be fun, however, sometimes it gets too much (especially because it consumes much more data). Then, the thought of simply signing out comes to mind, which is okay. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know the process of signing out on your TV, we have got you covered.

How to Sign Out of Hulu on TV

Steps to Sign Out of Hulu on TV

Without wasting much time, let’s proceed to list the instructions to help you sign out of Hulu on your television;

Step 1: Navigate to Hulu Settings

Open the app on your TV and navigate to the settings or account section. This can typically be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Find the Sign-Out Option

Within the settings/account section, look for the sign-out option. Hulu often makes this easy to spot, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users looking to make a swift exit. To proceed, press the “OK” button on your remote.

Step 3: Confirm Your Decision

After selecting the sign-out option, the platform may ask for confirmation. Confirm your decision to sign out, and the app will log you out.

Step 4: Check for Additional Confirmations

Depending on your TV and Hulu version, there might be additional confirmation steps. So, be sure to read through any prompts or messages that appear on the screen.


With the sign-out process complete, your Hulu account will no longer be linked to the TV, so you will have to retype your credentials if you wish to get back on. Whether you’re passing the remote or gearing up for a fresh Hulu session, you’re in charge. What are your thoughts about this post? Let us know below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing out the same as canceling my Hulu subscription on the TV?

No, signing out only disconnects your Hulu account from the TV. Canceling your subscription is a separate process and involves managing your Hulu account settings.

Do I need to sign out every time I finish watching Hulu on my TV?

Signing out is optional, but it’s recommended for security reasons, especially if others have access to your TV. It ensures a fresh start for the next user.

Can I sign out of Hulu on one TV and still be signed in on another?

Yes, signing out on one TV doesn’t affect your sign-in status on other devices. Hulu allows simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.

What happens if I forget to sign out of Hulu on a public TV?

If you forget to sign out on a public TV, you can remotely manage your account and sign out using the Hulu website or app on your mobile device or computer.

Does signing out of Hulu on my TV delete my watch history?

No, signing out doesn’t delete your watch history. Your watch history is tied to your Hulu account and remains accessible when you sign in again.

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