How to Sign up for YouTube TV on Roku

Want to know how to sign up for YouTube tv on Roku, so you can be able to watch Cable-free live TV? Download & record live Tv from 85+ Networks, and this includes local sports & news, as part of a monthly membership. Read this article so you can get more information about YouTube TV Sign Up on Roku.

Can I Get YouTube TV on Roku?, the answer is yes, you can install the YouTube TV app on your Roku device just like you would on any other device. You’ll find YouTube TV available on the Roku Channel Store.

How to Sign up for YouTube TV on Roku

For a little while, YouTube TV subscribers who wanted to use their subscription on their Roku device had to do so either through a backdoor in the original YouTube app or cast YouTube TV to Roku from another device.

YouTube Tv is a U.S. -based streaming service that offers both live Tv and on-demand content. Now, With YouTube TV Subscription, you can easily get access to all kinds of content, such as news, sports, and TV shows from more than 85 popular networks, as well as some YouTube Originals.

Well having your YouTube on the Roku platform gives you access to take advantage of the big screen and view content in high resolution.

Steps to Sign up for YouTube TV on Roku

Below are the guidelines to sign up for YouTube TV on Roku:

Follow up with the instructions you come across to complete this process.

How to Sign in for YouTube TV on Roku

Easy way to sign in for YouTube TV on Roku:

This is one of the simplest ways to sign in for YouTube TV on Roku.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Roku

If you want to add the YouTube TV channel to your Roku device, then you need to consider reading this section attentively:

  • Press the “home” button that is on your Roku Remote to make you’re on the home page.
  • Navigate to “search” and press ok.
  • Inside the search bar type in “YouTube.” Select “YouTube TV” from the search results and tap on “OK”.
  • Add the Channel to your Roku.
  • Now, select “Go to Channel.”
  • Sign in or Sign Up for YouTube TV.

With the above guidelines, you will easily know how to watch YouTube Tv on Roku.

Is There a Roku YouTube TV Free Trail?

New YouTube TV subscribers can sign up for a free YouTube TV Trial. And this can allow access to all of the content across more than 85 channels. And also, add-ons might allow a trial too, but those may have separate sign-up and billing.

Take note: the duration of YouTube Tv free trials can vary, so you’ll need to check your account settings to see how long you have left.

YouTube Social media Accounts Links





You need to know that both the original YouTube app and YouTube TV can be installed and enjoyed on Roku devices for the foreseeable future. If you want more live TV options, you can check the Roku Live TV Zone guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Get YouTube TV on Roku?

For troubleshooting, try to remove the channel, and update the Roku device by going to settings > System > system update > Check now, restart your Roku device, and add back the channel.

Why Can’t I sign up for YouTube TV?

Now, if you are having trouble signing up or signing into YouTube TV, you may be signed into a Brand Account. Well, brand accounts are not compatible with YouTube TV. You’ll need to use another Google account to sign up and sign in to YouTube TV.

Is the YouTube password the Same as Google Account?

You sign into YouTube with your Google Account, so your YouTube password is the same as your Google Account password.

Does Roku Have a Monthly Fee?

There are no monthly fees for watching free channels or for using a Roku device. You only must pay for subscription channels like Netflix, and cable-replacement services like Sling TV or movie and TV.

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