How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Don’t know how to tag someone on Facebook? Lucky for you, we will guide you through the simple steps of tagging on the social media giant. One of the most useful features on Facebook is tagging, which allows you to mention and link specific individuals in your posts, photos, and comments. Whether you want to share memorable moments or draw someone’s attention to a post, tagging is a great way to enhance engagement and strengthen your connections.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Understanding Facebook Tagging

Facebook tagging is the process of adding a link to someone’s profile in a post or comment. When you tag someone, they receive a notification and can see the content you’ve tagged them in. Thus, making it easier to share experiences, memories, and updates with specific individuals. Now, let us proceed to share how you can tag someone.

Tagging in a Post

To tag someone in a Facebook post, follow these steps;

  • Begin composing your post by clicking on the “Create Post” box on your News Feed or Profile.
  • Type “@” followed by the person’s name you want to tag. Facebook will display a list of matching profiles to choose from.
  • Select the appropriate profile from the list to tag the person in your post.

How to Tag in a Photo

Tagging someone in a photo allows you to identify and connect them directly to an image. Here’s how you can do it;

  • Go to the photo you want to tag on your timeline or in an album.
  • Click on the “Tag Photo” option below the image.
  • Then, click on the person’s face in the photo and start typing their name. Facebook will suggest matching profiles.
  • Lastly, choose the correct profile from the list to tag the person in the photo.

Tagging Someone in a Comment

You can also tag someone in a comment to draw their attention to a specific post or engage them in a conversation. Here’s how;

  • Click on the comment box below the post you want to comment on.
  • Type “@” followed by the person’s name you want to tag. Facebook will show suggestions based on your typing. So, just select the person’s profile from the list to tag them in the comment.

How to Manage Tagging Settings on Facebook

To control who can tag you in posts and who can see posts you’ve been tagged in, adjust your tagging settings:

  • Go to the “Settings & Privacy” dropdown menu on the top-right corner of Facebook.
  • Click on “Settings,” then “Privacy.”
  • Navigate to “Timeline and Tagging.”
  • Adjust your tagging preferences to suit your comfort level.


Facebook tagging is a valuable tool for connecting with friends and sharing experiences. Whether you want to highlight a memorable moment, engage in conversations, or simply draw someone’s attention to a post, tagging can enhance your experience on the platform. There is everything on how to tag someone on Facebook. If there’s something you think we need to include, please let us know in the comment section. Furthermore, share this article with your friends.

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