How To Track My Husband’s Car Without Him Knowing

Are you suspecting that your husband is having an affair and wondering how to track his car without him knowing? Lucky for you, because in this article we will be sharing different ways, how to track husband’s car without him knowing, just keep on reading to find out the guidelines to follow.

Sadly, marriages can become strained over time when partners start feeling less appreciated or involving a third party. If your hunch keeps saying your husband is cheating, then it won’t be bad to at least track his vehicle. I mean, you are simply trying to uncover the truth (if there is any).

How To Track My Husband’s Car Without Him Knowing

Have you noticed your significant other receiving messages from an unknown number late at night and been secretive about it? Not saying, they might be cheating particularly, but there is a chance that they are. Tracking their car is likely the easiest way to find out.

If your husband is cheating, of course, you can’t just confront him without valid proof, so get all the proof you need, how about putting a tracker in his car? Sounds pretty easy, right?

Can I Track My Husband’s Car Without Him Knowing?

Yes, you can secretly track your husband’s car without him knowing. The easiest way is by installing a GPS tracker inside the car. The tracker can be hidden practically anywhere in his car and you will get real-time notifications of the car’s location.

It is important to hide the device out of sight and disable any sounds from it because if hubby finds out that you are tracking him, he will remove it.

How Can I Track My Husband’s Car Without Him Knowing?

If you think your husband is cheating, here are some methods you can use to track his car without him knowing;

GPS Tracking Device

Using a GPS tracking device is one subtle way to track your husband’s car without him knowing. These devices use the same technology used by smartphones to make calls and run navigation apps.

You need to place the device somewhere out of sight and have as many magnets attached as possible. However, the GPS device must be placed in a location where the signal will not be disturbed. GPS tracking device sends recordings of your husband’s car location in real time.

When the device is installed in your hubby’s vehicle, you can monitor the data with your smartphone.

Hide An Extra Phone In His Car

Hiding a smartphone in his car is another way to track his movements. You can buy a smartphone for tracking. So, you don’t necessarily need to get a high-cost phone. As long as the phone has GPS capabilities, you can use it.

Start by buying a prepaid sim card and then download a tracking app on the phone. Turn off all notification sounds (including vibration). On your phone, enable push notifications to get immediately notified of your husband’s car locations.

You most likely will get caught, but if you are subtle enough, it will take a long time for him to figure it out.


Before tracking your husband’s car, ensure to get your facts right and let it not be your mind playing tricks on you. There you have the easiest ways to track your husband’s car location without him knowing. We hope you find this article helpful enough to share with your friends on your social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my cheating car spouse?

You can track your cheating spouse by installing a GPS device in their car. Then the tracking can be done from your smartphone. You get real-time notifications of the car’s location and also find out here address they visit.

Can I put a tracking device on my husband’s car?

In some states, if the card is jointly owned, it is legal to place a tracking device. However, if the GPS is installed in a car that isn’t yours, you may be violating the law and exposing yourself to a lawsuit.

How do you discreetly track a car?

To discreetly track a car, you can install a GPS tracker device in a hidden place. Make sure to disable any sounds that may be produced by the device.

How can I track my cheating husband without him knowing?

There are different tracking spy apps that you can install on your cheating husband’s smartphone and get real-time notifications. Furthermore, you can track his vehicle by installing a GPS tracking system.

Can you put a tracking device on someone’s car without their knowledge?

Yes, you can but it is against the law in most states. You may get a lawsuit for invading someone else’s privacy.

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