How to Use Microsoft Excel – Amazing Things you can do with Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel is a question beginners ask. Excel is a popular Microsoft tool for creating, editing, and analyzing data. Microsoft Excel program is one of the most feared programs due to its complicated looks and it is way too advanced. However, some people’s heart keeps skipping at the mention of Ms. Excel in a job interview hall. Thus, it is one of the major challenge job seekers faces when it comes to a job that requires a Ms. Excel literate.

How to Use Microsoft Excel


How to Use Microsoft Excel

There is a way to make the program less scary you will be learning a few tips on how to use the platform in this write-up.

Read these sections below to learn more about Excel. This guide will help you a lot especially if it’s your first time using it.

How to Use Ms. Excel Format Painter

Do the following to apply your formatting over the cells with the format painter.

Go over to the cell you want to replicate and select it. Scroll to the home tab at the top field,  you will see the format painter click on it. The “format painter” looks like a painter’s brush. Once the brush shows, tap to add all the content from the cell you selected to other cells.

In case you want to format a range of cells, click on the “Format Painter” twice, then when you are done, tap on ESC” key.

How to Import Data into Excel

To successfully import data into this program, ensure you don’t copy and paste data that are complex. Scroll to the “data” menu, move to the “Get External Data” section, you will see options like import from Web, Access, text, and other sources.

How to enter a Particular Data into many Cells

To perform this very task without using the copy and paste method, here is the fastest method. Go to your spreadsheet and select the cells you want to input the data. You can use “CTRL +click” to choose the cells. When you get to the last cell, key in your data. Tap on the “ctrl + enter” Key and the data will appear in all the cells you selected.

Select Spreadsheet Rows or Columns – How to Use Microsoft Excel

To select all the rows or columns in the spreadsheet, you can do that using the ctrl +shift  key. Simply tap on the first cell of the sequence you want to select, hold down the ctrl + shift button, then use the arrow button to get all data.

Show the Spreadsheet Formulas

To discover the formula used on a particular spreadsheet, this is what to do, on the spreadsheet scroll to the top of the page and select the “formulas” tab, then move to the right and click on the “show formulas” button.

Hide Spreadsheet Rows and Columns

If you want to keep data in your spreadsheet columns and rows private, all you need to do is to hide it. Kindly, select the first row or column in the sequence you want to hide, navigate to beneath the “home” button, and tap on the format. Scroll through the menu and click on the hide& unhide button, then choose hide rows or hide columns.

How to Freeze Rows and Columns

To keep all the data in rows and columns visible when you access spreadsheets that are lengthy go to the “view” section at the top, Press on “freeze panes” Select the part you want to freeze.

Input Data Pattern

Key in your data in two cells, then highlight the cells, you will see a square shape beneath the last cell. Place your cursor on the square until it changes to black. Click and drag it down to increase the data.

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