How To Watch Netflix With Friends – Watch Netflix With Friends Online, and Zoom


How To Watch Netflix With Friends? Do you miss watching videos with friends due to distance? There are several ways to connect and watch Netflix with your friends without meeting in person.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends

With the use of Netflix party, chrome extension, and other extensions you can successfully setup a chatroom with friends in which you can watch the same video together. With these extensions users can send messages in the chat room, skip to the next episode of a TV series.

Thus, if you watch a TV shower you can access multiple episodes in the same chatroom. For movies you will need to create a fresh chatroom anytime you want to watch the movie.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends

Netflix is one of the outstanding video streaming platforms. It offers an amazing video on-demand service. The platform enables you to access and watch interesting, original tv shows, movies, documentaries with ease. It is the largest streaming service across the globe.

The platform has a wide library of videos online, it provides a variety of movies, including comedy, drama, action, anime, horror, and war films. This video on demand platform has the most extensive assortment of movies to choose from. Thus, even when friends and loved ones are far away, they can still enjoy the streaming service together.

However, if you want to enjoy the platform together with your friends, you can achieve it, with the help of extensions. The section under will explain better.

Extension To Watch Netflix With Friends

Here is a list of extensions you can use to watch the streaming service with your friends

  • Netflix Party
  • Watch2Gether
  • Last
  • Scener
  • Metastream
  • TwoSeven
  • Telegram And WhatsApp

With this extension, you will be able to setup a chatroom to watch videos with your friends.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends Online

The Netflix party is available as a chrome extension, you will need to watch on your laptop instead of your TV.  The extension is very easy and safer to use.

  • So, to connect with your friends using Netflix party, you will have to share a link with your friends. The moment tap on the link and tap and install the party extension, you will be able to access Netflix together with your friends.
  • Navigate to
  • Tap on the “ Add to Chrome” button
  • Select the “Add extension” widget
  • You will see an icon “NP”
  • Open the Netflix website and login into your account
  • Select the video you want to access with fruey.
  • Play the video. The “NP” icon at the right top corner will turn red, tap on it
  • Then, select the “Start. The party” button. You can decide to be the only one who can control the video or not by checking the box.
  • It will generate a unique URL for you. Copy the URL and share it with your friends on any messaging platform.
  • When they click on the link the video will start playing immediately
  • They will need to tap on NP to join the chat

These are steps to access the streaming service with friends online.

If you don’t want to use Netflix party, there are other alternatives you can use, like Kast, Scener, Watch2Gether, TwoSeven, and Metastream like I mentioned earlier.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends On Zoom

With the conferencing power Zoom, you can easily watch Netflix together on the platform. Here are the directions

  • Share your screen through Zoom. On your zoom click on the “ Share screen” icon. This will prompt the zoom client to enter the sharing key ore meeting ID
  • Make sure you enable the shared computer sounds settings
  • Select the screen you will like to share. You can choose a web browser or Netflix desktop app. I recommend you use the Netflix app
  • Find the movie you want to share with your friends
  • You can now alter default settings to your approval

These are processes to follow in other to watch Netflix on Zoom.



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