iCloud Mail For Android – How to Add iCloud Email to Android


If you switch from iPhone to Android, you don’t need to let go of the iCloud services.  In this write-up, you will discover how to add or set up the iCloud email address on your Android device. It is possible to use iCloud Mail for Android.

iCloud Mail For Android

iCloud Mail for Android

When you hear a statement like “iCloud Mail for Android” do not be confused, it is specifically for individuals who have the account already and wants to set it up on their Android device.

What is iCloud Mail?

It is a platform designed by Apple to enable users to perform their mailing activities and manage calendars and contacts. When you receive an email, you can access it on all your devices.

How to Setup an iCloud email to Android

Because of the two verification Authentication on your account, the first thing to do is to create a password for your iCloud email address. Then proceed to add the account to your Android.

How to Create a Password for iCloud Account

To give this account a specific password rather than the two verification Authentication, follow the directive displayed beneath.

  • Go to your Web browser.
  • Visit this website www.appleid.apple.com.
  • On the applied.apple.com page, Sign, using your Apple ID.
  • Tap on the “generate password” button Beneath the security platform.
  • Fill in a name for the password.
  • Navigate and press on the “create” Key. Ensure you remember the password created, you will still need it for the next step.

How to Add Your iCloud Email to Your Android Device

Follow these simple instructions outlined below to enjoy the iCloud services on your Android device.

  • Get your Android phone and swipe down to access the settings tab,  it is represented with the gear icon at the top.
  • Simply click on the settings button.
  • Select the “accounts” widget. Note; the steps to get to the account section might vary from phones.
  • Click the “Add account” tab.
  • Press on personal “IMAP” it will definitely have the Gmail logo next to it.
  • Type in your iCloud email address
  • Tap on the Next button
  • Fill in the password you generated earlier in the first section.
  • Select the next box. Once you entered the correct email and password, you are good to go. Your iCloud account will now show in your list of accounts and you can access the inbox right inside the Gmail app.

It is easy to set up iCloud mail for Android.


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