Ifcj Review – What does the IFCJ aim to solve?

The IFCJ which is short for international fellowship of Christians and Jews is a non profit organization with the aim of building bridges between Christians and Jews and providing humanitarian care and life saving aid for people In Isreal and all over the world.

Ifcj review
Ifcj review

Ifcj review

This organization was founded in 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein and as I have stated earlier, it aims at improving unity between the Christians and the Jews and providing Philanthropic services for the poor in Isreal and other nations.

The organization has provided a large number of monies to help Jews from the former Soviet Union, India, Ethiopia, and elsewhere resettle in Israel, as well as create funding programs that fight poverty in Israel and help impoverished elderly Jews and orphans in the former Soviet Union. It does this through the various programs that it throws out to the public.

What does the IFCJ aim to solve?

With its various programs,the international fellowship of Christians and the Jews seeks to achieve it’s aims by providing some basic amenities like food, heat, shelter and security to Isrealits and Jews all over the world.

The organization aims to provide opportunities for Jews living in poverty and threatened by anti Semitism  to find a better life by immigrating to Isreal. It also aims at providing humanitarian services to people in their times of need. One of its greatest goals is to maintain unity between the Jews and the Christians.

Ifcj Programs

These programs of different categories are used by the IFCJ to achieve its aims and objectives. Here are their programs below

Guardians of Isreal

This program aims at meeting the needs of thousands of Israelites who are poor. This is done by helping these people find jobs to provide for their families. At this moment, this program is actively providing basic amenities for over 200 cities in Isreal, these basic amenities include food, clothing and shelter.

On Wings of Eagles

This program offers the opportunity for Jew youths living in about 25 countries all over the world to make Aliya ( migrate to Isreal ). These countries include places that were under the Soviet Union, and countries such as Argentina, and France. This is to enable them to escape the rising conflicts of anti-Semitism and extreme poverty. This program provides them with temporary accommodation, job training, and financial assistance to make them better citizens of their homes.

Isaiah 58

Throughout the areas of the former Soviet Union, a lot of elderly Jews, orphans, and even other very poor people struggle for survival. Survivors of both the Holocaust and years of Communist rule today still deal with issues like hunger, illness, and brutal cold. In Ukraine, the problem is compounded by continuous fighting between Ukrainian forces and the Russian separatists. A lot of innocent people have been displaced from their homes and have lost everything they had.

Together with partner organizations and local Jewish communities, The Fellowship’s Isaiah 58 program provides these suffering people with essential amenities like heating fuel, food, medicine, shelter, and companionship, and helps to improve their living conditions.

Stand for Isreal

Through the stand for Isreal website, people all over the world are continuously informed about things going on in Isreal, the middle east and Isreal US relationship. Also, it trains them to become more active and engaged supporters of Israel, working both spiritually and politically on behalf of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Ifcj How to Donate

You can donate to the well being of the Poor Jews and the other course of the IFCJ, you can so so via wire transfers, from your IRA, through stock and  mutual funds, and even with cryptocurrency. The official websites captures the various programs and gives you an opportunity to donate. Visit the website at www.ifcj.org.


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