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AlsoIMVU is an avatar-based social platform, to customize your looks and meet new people. If you’re a fan of virtual games and avatars you need to try out IMVU. Thus, it’s not only a place to play games but also a platform to meet new people, chat and catch your fun.


However, users can chat with friends, build houses, change avatar style and meet with new people. The platform brings an end to boredom to the lives of members. The most interesting thing about IMVU is that you play games and also have the opportunity to meet and chat with people on the platform.


You must have heard about the word “IMVU” and you’re wondering what it means? IMVU is short for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. It allows users to explore thousands of virtual metaverse or worlds, create 3D avatar, etc. The platform was founded in 2004 by Eric Rices, Will Harvey, Marcus Gosling and Matt Danzig.

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Do you know that with IMVU, you can customize 3D avatars and chat rooms using millions of products available in the virtual stores?  Also, meet with people across the globe by signing up for IMVU service. You can register for the IMVU online or by downloading the mobile app.


Try out IMVU games and say goodbye to boredom. Users play games using 3D avatars to suit the way they want it. Use 3D avatar to meet people, chat, create and play games with your friends. So, if you’re a game lover joining IMVU won’t give you regrets. This is because you will enjoy every bit of the platform including its outstanding features.

IMVU 3D Avatar Creator

With 3D avatar creator, you can create an avatar that depicts your life. Create an avatar the way you want it to be.

However, the avatar creator lets you choose your life and customize yourself. You can design the avatar from the beginning to the end. The way your avatar appears depends solidary on you; you know exactly what you want. Thus, to make your avatar creation more exciting, you can get items from the virtual store.

IMVU Credits

The platform offers credits for users to purchase from the virtual store. IMVU has its own economy with a currency based on IMVU credits and promo credits. Thus, users can purchase these credits directly from IMVU.

However, members use these credits to buy virtual items like clothes, accessories, hair, pets, homes, furniture, etc.


The IMVU app gives you all you need to make playing games more exciting.  With the IMVU app, you can do a whole lot like creating an avatar, chat, express yourself, share your mood, etc.

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Check out the features of IMVU app under

  • It lets you create your own avatar. You can choose your life and personalize yourself.
  • Design yourself with 3D avatar.
  • It lets you play your virtual life role how you want.
  • You can shop for products to make your avatar look.
  • Users are allowed to chat with people across the globe.
  • With chat lobby, you can meet players near and far.
  • Chat with people, using your customize animated WithMoji.
  • It offers an online social game.
  • Make your avatar what you want it to be
  • You can create your love story using your avatar.
  • Also, you can chat with friends to create an outstanding story.
  • You can pose, add filters and post pictures

These are the features of the IMVU app.

IMVU Download

Are you impressed with the IMVU features above? If yes, getting the app will your ultimate decision. The app is fully available for iOS and Android devices on the play/app store.

So to download the IMVU app on your mobile device read the following guide

  • Get your iOS/Android device
  • Enable your network connection
  • Open the Play store/app store
  • Scroll to the search engine and key in “IMVU”. Then hit on the search button.
  • A page will open, find the IMVU app and click on it.
  • Click on the install/Get button next to the app. To read the app features, scroll down.
  • Wait for it to download. The download speed is determined by how strong your network is.
  • After downloading and installing the IMVU app, to access it immediately, click on Open. Otherwise, close the store.

Above are the steps to download the app.

IMVU Sign Up

You can register for an account on their website or via a mobile app. To register for an account, follow the directions below

  • Navigate to the platform website at or Open the app. Locate the get started button and tap on it.
  • On the web click on the “Get started” tab.
  • Select your avatar gender
  • Create your avatar, by choosing the hair, eyes, heads and skin you want.
  • Click on the customize clothing button and follow the prompts.

These are the basic steps you will take to register for an account.

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IMVU Login

After creating your avatar, the next thing that comes to you is to log in. So to login to your account here are the steps to take

  • Navigate to
  • You will see the login page.
  • Enter your username or password
  • Type in your password and click on the login button below.
  • Alternatively, to login with your Apple or Facebook account, click on the Apple/Facebook tab below.

The above procedures are steps to log into your account.

How to Use IMVU

It’s not enough to sign up and sign in to your account but to also know how to use it. I will be providing an easy guide on how to use the app below.

  • Download the app and create an account
  • Tap on the “launch 3D IM” on the homepage.
  • When you log in, it will take you to the platform page. This is where you determine how your avatar will look like.
  • The dress up tab is where you select the cloth for your avatar.
  • The shop button leads you to the stores where you can purchase clothes, hair, rooms, accessories, etc. Note; these items are not free. You purchase them using IMVU credit.
  • The credit button is where you buy credits you will use in making purchases.
  • The chat rooms tab is where you find varieties of chat rooms with people to connect with. Thus you can also create your own chat room for the chat room tab.
  • My room tab leads you to your own house. If you want you can buy a house from the store.
  • Inbox is where you check your messages and friend request.
  • Walk off is a game on the platform. You can tap on the tab to access it.
  • The friends’ tab is where you find your list of friends.
  • The photo tab is where you access the pictures you took on the platform.
  • My profile tab is where you update tag line, interest and preferences.
  • To play games, click on the “games” icon.
  • You can get a pet to play with, buy music, change settings and more on the platform.

The following steps are steps on how to use the app.

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