Indigo Unsecured Mastercard – Benefits of Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

So, you are ready to use a credit card? Or may want to repair or build your credit? Have you heard of the Indigo Unsecured Mastercard? Whatever your answer is, then you should know this is a great card option to start with.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard is a great choice for those with bad credit and looking forward to improving. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about the Unsecured Mastercard.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

Getting the Indigo Unsecured Mastercard requires a less complicated application process for people who are just starting their credit journey or trying to rebuild their credit history. But, just like any card with its drawbacks, you should get Mastercard only if you have the goal of improving your credit score.

The best way to do this is by making on-time payments on your card and paying off your balance each month. While using the card, it is advisable not to use more than 30% to maintain a healthy credit score. Indigo Unsecured Mastercard is issued by Genesis Financial Solutions.

Benefits of Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

The Indigo credit card is a great option for those who want to repair or build their credit history. It has three major benefits which are of great use to your credit building or repair process.

You might be wondering what the benefits are, so let’s not keep you in suspense. Here are the three major benefits of the Indigo unsecured credit card;

  • Credit Bureau Reporting: this unsecured MasterCard reports to the three major credit bureaus monthly.
  • You get to keep your credit card with no security deposit required.
  • Easy pre-qualification that won’t leave a negative impact on your credit score.

Listed above are the major benefits that Indigo cardholders stand to have. There is much to the card and you can discover when you start using your card.

How To Apply For The Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

Applying for the Indigo credit card is easy and all that is needed is a smart device provided you meet all the requirements. The application might have been a hassle for you, but we have you covered. Now, all you have to do is follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Indigo credit card official website at
  • Once you get to the page you will see “Pre-Qualify Now” click on it.
  • You will be asked to enter your name, address, Zip code, Email, phone number, date of birth, and social security number.
  • Afterwards, accept their terms and condition then click on “Pew-Qualify Now.

All that’s left is waiting for the process to be done to get your answer.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard Mail Offer

Once you are pre-qualified for the Mastercard credit card, the next thing is to wait for the mail offer. The Indigo unsecured credit card mail offer is your access to applying and getting approved for the card. That is to say, you can’t apply for the card without the mail offer. If you have gotten a mail offer, you can accept it online on the official website.

How To Accept Indigo Unsecured Mastercard Mail Offer

As stated above, you can only get accepted to apply for the unsecured credit card with the mail offer. So, if you have received a mail offer with an invitation code, use the steps below to get started on applying;

  • Go to the Indigo website at
  • Click on the horizontal icon at the right top side of the homepage and select “Get started”.
  • Then, click on “Received a Mail Offer”.
  • On the main offer page, you will be prompted to enter the invitation code sent alongside the mail.
  • Next, enter your zip code and click on “Get Started”.

Once you have clicked on get started, you will be redirected to the application form. Follow the onscreen prompts that will be shown to apply for the Indigo Mastercard.

How To Activate Indigo Mastercard Card

Now, that you have gotten your credit card, of course, you will be eager to use it. However, to use the Indigo unsecured Mastercard, you have to activate it. The activation process is less stressful than you think. All you have to do is to call the Indigo Customer Service number and follow the voice prompts to get your card activated for usage.

Register For Indigo Mastercard Card Account

So, if your Indigo credit card is activated, what’s next? What do you think about having a card account online? Having an Indigo unsecured Mastercard card account is easy and it allows you to make easy transactions with a simple click.

The registration icon is not on the official Indigo Mastercard page, so the process might seem hard, but we have you covered. Follow the steps below to register for a card account;

  • Open the web browser on your device and navigate to
  • On the page, click on “Register your account”.
  • You will be required to complete the information needed to register your card account.
  • Enter your card number and the date of the card.
  • Provide your Social Security Number and click on “Continue to Next Step”.

Follow the onscreen instructions that will be followed to register for your Indigo unsecured credit card account.

How To Log In To Indigo Unsecured Credit Card Account

To back into your Indigo card account, use the steps below;

  • Use step one of the above.
  • When you are on the homepage, enter your Indigo credit card account username and password.
  • Click on “Log In”,

If the credit card account details are correct, the account dashboard will be loaded on your device immediately.

Reset Indigo Unsecured Mastercard Password

Have you forgotten your card account login details? Lucky you because you can easily reset the password. To reset your Indigo card account password, you will be prompted to provide some information. Here’s how to get your password back;

  • On the Indigo Mastercard login page, click on “Forgot your username or password”.
  • Provide the information required on the top form.
  • Enter your username, the last four digits of your card, and your date of birth.
  • Lastly, enter your social security number and click on “Reset password”.

Your new password information will be sent to the email address on your card account.

How To Recover Indigo Unsecured Mastercard Username

Follow the instructions below to get your account username back;

  • Go to the Indigo card login page and click on “Forgot your username or password”.
  • When you are redirected to the recovery page, scroll down.
  • Now, enter your 16 digits account number, date of birth, and social security number.
  • Finally, click on “Request Username”.

After that, an email containing your username will be sent to the email associated with your account.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard Customer Service

If you have got questions regarding your Indigo credit card, you can contact them on their customer service page. Here is how to reach the Indigo card customer center below;

  • Go to Indigo at
  • Select the horizontal icon at the top of the home and click on “Customer Service”.
  • Next, select “FAQ” from the list.
  • Once you are on the FAQ page, click on “Contacting Us”.

Select the option you want to use in reaching Indigo customer service.

Useful Indigo Mastercard Links

To access the Indigo card homepage; click here

Follow this link to reach the customer helpdesk

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about the Indigo unsecured MasterCard. Also, we listed out the process you can use to pre-qualify and apply for a credit card. We hope you find this card review helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Indigo Card have Rewards?

To be frank with you, the Indigo Credit Card does not offer rewards, which means cardholders do not earn any points, miles, or cash back on purchases. The Indigo Credit Card does not offer any promotional benefits either, such as sign-up bonuses or low introductory APRs

Is the Indigo Card Unsecured?

Indigo card offers a standard credit limit with no security deposit required. In other words, you get access to the MasterCard credit limit without a security deposit making it an unsecured credit card.

What is the Highest Credit Limit for an Indigo Credit Card?

The maximum credit limit on the Indigo credit card ranges from $300 to $1,000. The amount you get is depending on the version of the Indigo card you are approved for.

What Credit Score do you Need to get an Indigo Card?

The Indigo unsecured Mastercard is designed for applicants with poor credit. So even if your credit score is as low as 300 to 579, there is a chance that you will get approved.

Does Indigo Increase the Credit Limit?

Unfortunately, you cannot get an Indigo Credit Card credit limit increase. The credit limit that you are assigned upon approval cannot be increased. That is to say, Indigo doesn’t offer credit limit increases to the cardholder.

Is Indigo Platinum a Real Credit Card?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is an option “for those with less than perfect credit,” as the card’s website states but it may not be an ideal one. The card, issued by Utah-based Celtic Bank, comes in a variety of different colors and designs, but don’t let that distract you from its potentially high fees.

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