Indigo Unsecured MasterCard – How to Apply

The Indigo Unsecured platinum MasterCard is a MasterCard issued by Celtic bank. This credit card offers so many benefits. However, the most noticeable one is that of which you do not need a high-level credit first before you can apply.

Indigo Unsecured MasterCard - How to Apply

People common with credit card terms will be used to this but for those who do, you will get a better understanding if you want to apply or you can simply visit any of the bank branches. This simple common fact makes the indigo unsecured MasterCard seems available to all.

Benefits of the Indigo Platinum MasterCard

There are several benefits the indigo platinum MasterCard has and we are going to be looking at a few.

  • Free online access to your account.
  • If you misplaced or lost your card, you get protection from fraud.
  • Zero dollar annual fee for the first year.
  • You have at least twenty five days after each billing cycle to make your payment (due date).
  • Zero dollar cash advance for your first year.

There you have it some of the benefits of the Indigo platinum MasterCard

Fees and Rates

The fees and rates of this credit card are

  • One percent foreign transaction fee.
  • The annual percentage rate for purchases is 23.9%.
  • The annual percentage rate for cash advances is 29.9%.
  • Penalty annual percentage rate when you make a late payment is 29.9%.
  • First-year zero dollars annual fee.
  • Late payment fee is thirty-eight dollars.
  • Over the limit fee is thirty-eight dollars.

You can learn more about the fees and rates of this credit card on the application webpage.

How to Apply

Now applying for this credit card requires you to be at least eighteen years of age. To apply;

  • Go to the indigo platinum MasterCard application webpage at
  • Enter the information you are asked to provide and select your desired card design.
  • Consent to the electronic disclosures of the card and click on the “pre-qualify now!” Button.

Follow the onscreen instructions given to you afterward and that is it.

How to Check Application Status

When you apply for you indigo unsecured MasterCard and it seems to be taking quite a while, you can inquire for your application status. To do so all you need to do is call this number 1-866-946-9545.

Activate Your Card

You should know that without you activating your card it will not work. This is to ensure tat you are not billed when the card has not gotten to you. To activate you indigo unsecured credit card, simply login your account and you will be told what to do.

Login Your Account

Like I said earlier, you need to login your account before you can activate your card. To loin your account;

  • Visit the indigo website at
  • Enter your username and your password into the specified boxes.
  • Click on the login link and that is it.

If the login details you entered are correct, you will be instantly logged in on your account.

Recover Username or Password

If you forgot your account username, there are some steps you can take to recover it. To recover your account username;

  • Go to the indigo website at
  • Click on the “forgot your username or password?” tab and wait till you are redirected.
  • Scroll down to the username or password section (depending on the one you want to recover) and enter the information you are asked to provide.
  • Click on the submit icon and that is all.

That is all if you decide to recover your indigo account username or password.

How to Make a Bill Payment

Making a bill payment is quite easy. To make a bill payment;

  • Login your account using the steps above.
  • Locate and click on the payment tab.
  • Click on “make a payment” and that is it.

You can also pay using your mobile device by placing a call. To do so, all you need to do is call this line 1-866-946-9545.

Customer care line

You can simply access the indigo customer service using the line 1-866-946-9545.

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