Instagram Dark Mode on Android – How to Turn on Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode on Android is fabulous. Wow! Stay on this article, read on to get more details on this topic. When going through your Android device checking out photos and other media on Instagram, the default light is always a very bright white layout which can be an eyesore. This is mostly in dimly lit settings that the bleached UI feels blinding. Dark Mode for Android devices and iPhones can help take away this bright light that can be an eyesore.

Instagram Dark Mode on Android
Instagram Dark Mode on Android

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Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Dark Mode is more like a necessity for all social media networks on the Web since people use it on a daily basis both day and night. This is what Instagram has embraced. The dark mode enables you to reduce the quantity of light and brightness on the background of the app. This means that at night your eye is protected against many rays of light and your phone’s battery is preserved.

The Instagram Dark Mode is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. With your smartphone devices, you can access the dark Mode features. Here is how to turn on this feature.

How to Turn on Dark Mode

To Activate the Instagram Dark Mode is not hard but very easy. To enable this feature, it will require you to go to the main app phone setting.

Dark Mode for Android 11 and Above 

The dark mode feature is for Android devices. Also, this includes the Android 8 and 10 versions.

  • In your Android phone devices, get to your phone settings.
  • From the options, click on “Accessibility”.
  • Next, turn on the “Dark theme” by toggling the switch.
  • The app will immediately turn into dark mode adjusting the light from your app.

It will help you to turn on dark mode on your device which means for all the Andriod system UI and supported applications on the device.

Dark Mode for iPhone (iOS)

For all iOS users here are a few steps to activate the dark mode on your devices.

Note that most times when you set up this dark theme mode, you will experience it on all other social media apps on your phone the dark mode too. This is because the setting is from the phone setting. Also, some social media app has a dark mode as part of their features. Apps like Twitter and Facebook Messenger have dark mode features. This makes the app easy to use especially at night.

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