Japanese on Duolingo – Best Ways to Learn Japanese on Duolingo


Duolingo is one of the modern trending ways for you to learn a different language. One of the languages that you can learn on the platform is Japanese. The platform gives you access to learn Japanese on Duolingo. Now learning Japanese on Duolingo is simple, more importantly, it is free.

The Best Informative Way to Learn Japanese on Duolingo

Japanese on Duolingo

With the free mobile app and web version of this platform, one can easily learn Japanese. However, I must warn that it is going to require you to be diligent in your study of the language. The more time you have to spend learning with the platform, the faster you are going to learn the language.

 How to Learn Japanese on Your Own

Duolingo is one of the ways you can use learn Japanese on your own. The platform totally covers the cost of learning Japanese on your own. You will only be charged for regular data charges while using the platform. There are several other ways to learn Japanese on your own but Duolingo is one of the best free ways to do so.

Now I know that learning Japanese on your own using Duolingo might not be ideal because you might not focus. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry, you just have to put in your time and give it your best shot at learning.

Learn Japanese Free

There are several ways to learn Japanese for free. With this amazing feature, you can measure the progress of your study. As time goes on, you can also choose to reduce or increase your daily goal. If you keep on using the platform and start competing, you can receive achievements. On your account, you can follow Duolingo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Duolingo Japanese

Duolingo Japanese is the name of the feature that allows users to learn Japanese for free on Duolingo. Now, as you might have already known, there are different languages you can learn on the platform. This means to say that when you create a Duolingo account to learn Japanese, you can use it to learn Japanese.

Duolingo Website

The Duolingo website is simple and free to access. As a matter of fact, you can access it with any device that is connected to the internet. The Duolingo official website is www.duolingo.com. This is the official URL you are going to seek on any device you wish to use in accessing the Duolingo website.

Learn Japanese on Duolingo

If you wish to learn Japanese on Duolingo, then you can follow the steps below. You should pay attention when following the steps below. You can sign up using your email address, Google, or Facebook account.

  • Go to the Duolingo official website or launch the app.
  • Tap on the green “Start Learning” button on the webpage or app.
  • Select “Japanese” as the type of language you want to learn.
  • Now select the reason why you are learning the language.
  • Choose the daily goal you want to use in learning the language and tap on “Continue”. The daily goal is the time you want to spend learning the language per day.
  • Select “Continue with Facebook” or “Continue with Google” to sign up with either your Google account or Facebook account. If you wish to use your email address, you can tap on “Create a Profile”.
  • If you tap on “Create a Profile”, enter your age, name, email, and then your desired password.

Follow the instructions given to you afterward and you would have successfully created a Duolingo account to learn Japanese.

Duolingo App

The Duolingo app can be downloaded on any device. The app is user-friendly and can help anyone learn any language they wish to learn. Downloading the Duolingo app is also free. Since it is free, you can install it and begin using it right away.

  • Get the device you wish to download and install the Duolingo app on and boot it.
  • Make sure it is connected to the internet, then launch any app store on it. An app store is an application that gives you access to download and install other apps on your device.
  • Now hit the search bar of the app store and search for Duolingo.
  • From your search result tap on the Duolingo app. afterward, hit the install or download button depending on your device.

The steps above will help you in downloading the Duolingo app on almost any device if not all. You should know the fact that when using the Duolingo app, you would be charged regular data charges.

Duolingo APK

The Duolingo APK is the kind of file that I needed to install Duolingo on an android device. You can download the Duolingo APK from any web browser. If you wish to install the APK file, tap on the Duolingo APK and accept the terms and conditions of using the app.

Duolingo Japanese Review

Duolingo is an amazing platform and the ability it gives you can be maximized. Since you have such a platform to learn any language that you can, there is no need for you to pay a teacher or enroll in a class to learn any language of your choice. If you spend quality time learning languages with this platform, you should master most languages in no time.

How to Use Duolingo to Learn Japanese

Now that you have a Duolingo account with the app installed on your device, the next step is how you can begin using it to learn. Well, it is quite easy. The steps below will guide you in doing so.

  • Go to www.duolingo.com and log in to your account.
  • Once you are signed in, you would be asked to choose a part. Beginners usually start at Hiragana 1 but if you have a little knowledge you can begin with placement tests.

The more time you spend learning these two methods, the faster you would learn the language. You just need to have a good retentive memory so you can always complete your daily goal and complete tests.

How Much Does Duolingo Cost

You can for free, learn any language on Duolingo. You can learn any language on your computer or other devices for free. What’s more, is that you can use Duolingo for schools. That is if you have students and you can equally track them with the same account at no cost.

However, there is a premium subscription that is available to all Duolingo users. This subscription is known as Duolingo plus. With this Duolingo plus, you can use the platform with an ad-free experience with access to offline lessons.


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