Jobs For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now


Jobs For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Are you searching for a job for caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship? First, it means you’re a foreigner and not a USA citizen.

However, there is a high demand for caregiving professionals currently in the US. Hence the need for individuals interested in healthcare jobs with Visa Sponsorship for those that are immigrants in the United States of America.

A lot of families are now in need of a caregiver, for their parents, children, and even disabled relative. According to AARP, states that “the supply of family caregivers is unlikely to keep increasing with future demand,” with the ratio of caregivers 45-64 to individuals in the high-risk years of 80-plus” it’s predicted to rise to 4-1 in 2030. Read this content to know more about Job For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship.

Jobs For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Job for caregivers in the United States of America with visa sponsorship has to be a caregiver direct job. To get news alerts on Job For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship get to

Who Is a Caregiver?

Contrary to registered nurses, caregivers don’t work in hospitals or clinics.  Their place of work is mainly in nursing homes in the private sector, they offer personal care to disable individuals or people that are dependent. They are nanny that works with children etc.

Their job is to offer care services to someone who is struggling with their independence, maybe they are disabled or old age. By providing personal care assistant services, the caregiver will help the patient to function better.

Also, caregivers are not specialists in any medical field like nurses. They are trained to offer physical and emotional care to needy clients. Also, their duty sometimes extends to providing financial and legal affairs. This article is to show how to sponsor a nanny from another country to USA, getting a visa for a nanny involves processes.

Categories of Caregivers

Caregivers’ major role is to help people that are dependent however, they are different categories of caregivers see below;

Job For Caregivers in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Professional caregiver -this set of caregivers are hired from an agency, they offer medical and non-medical care to their clients. The care recipients hire the caregiver from their agent.

Independent Caregivers – these are home care professionals, they work on their own and not for any agency. An Independent Caregiver is hired directly by the family.

Family Caregiver – This category of caregivers may be a family member, spouse, friend, parent, or someone close to the recipient. They offer Financial, emotional, financial, nursing, social, and homemaking, rendering a daily service to a sick or disabled family member.

However, this service May be without payment, just helping to show love to a family member or friend.

Informal caregiver – an informal caregiver is a friend to the family or a neighbor that gives care to someone that is close to them personally. Although it’s a bit different from family Caregivers, in this case, they are not related to the recipient.

Volunteer Caregiver – volunteer Caregiver stands as a substitute for a caregiver with an adult that’s disabled, frailty, or has a chronic illness. They offer non-medical supervision and companionship for the recipient. They relieve the caregiver off duty to take rest for some time.

Private Duty Caregiver – a private duty Caregiver offers a large range of services. They carry out medical and nursing care services, run transportation services, bill paying services, etc.

They offer all the services that will keep their recipients will need to remain independent in their houses. These caregivers can work with agencies or on their own privately.

Caregiver Direct Hiring in the USA

Caregiver direct hiring in US means that a family wants to bring in a nanny from outside US.  The family or employer is ready to sponsor such an employee. There are two main visas one can use to sponsor a caregiver into the US. There are

  • J-1 Visa for Caregivers
  • H-2B Visa for caregivers.

This two visas will be more easy visas to get a caregiver into US.

J-1 Visa for caregivers

It allows you to select from a poll of caregivers when you don’t have any particular foreign Caregiver in mind to employ. The Visa links you with a Caregiver via the Aub Pair program. The family or employer works with Aub Pair to get all the screening and selection done properly.

H-2B Visa for Caregivers

The H-2B Visa Sponsorship jobs from USA, family sponsor a particular caregiver. With the H-2B Visa, individuals employer can hire foreign nationals for non-agricultural jobs. Check to get the full requirements needed.

The agency that Hire Caregivers

List of agencies that hire caregivers are:

  • Caresmartz360
  • Caregivers4U
  • Caregivelist
  • Household Staff
  • Comfort Keepers S
  • Agency central

Can I Work As A caregiver in USA?

Yes with your H-2B Visa. A family can sponsor a caregiver during the process. As the USCIS says that Visa allows an individual employer to employ or hire foreign nationals to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs

How Much Are Caregivers Paid in USA

A caregiver earns an average salary of $14.90 per hour in the United States of America According to at



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