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Jodel is a hyperlocal community that helps users to interact with each other locally. The platform aims at bringing people together using meaningful and outstanding ways. Thus, it offers lots of content you love. Everyone one this platform truly have a say. You can express yourself the way you want, talk about happenings in your area, post content etc.


However, the platform offers a mobile app that makes it easy for users to access and participate effectively. This article will be unmasking everything you need to know about jodel, including its blog and jobs category. Thus, you will also learn how to use the platform.

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Jodel is an outstanding community that shows you the happenings around you. On the platform, users can decide on what their community will discuss or talk about, through voting. However, you can also share content like news, funny experiences, jokes, events and discussions on the platform with ease.

The platform is not only for you to fold your arms and watch. As a member, it demands your participation to make the platform lively and enjoyable. If you want to know more about what’s happening in your area, get the jodel app. Learn about the app features in the section below.

Jodel App

With this mobile app, you can do a whole lot on the platform. Here are the features the jodel app offers you.

  • Helps you discover what’s happening around you in real-time
  • Users can upload photos to the viewing of others on the platform.
  • You can catch fun and laugh with other people in your local community.
  • Users get to meet people in their area, who share the same interest.
  • There’s a space for members to post messages.
  • It offers you an easy way of getting and providing vital local info.
  • Users can access Karma to spread good vibes with the app.
  • You can vote on content to decide what your community talks about.
  • Get hottest news headlines, events, jokes and stories on Jodel

These are features you find on Jodel hyperlocal community app. To download the app read the next field.

Jodel App on The App Store

If you’re impressed with the platform’s amazing features, then you should go ahead to download the app. To get the app on your iOS device, follow these directives

  • Proceed to the app store on your iOS device. The app store is a blue color app with a capital “A” alphabet.
  • When you get to the app store homepage, kindly locate the search bar.
  • Input “jodel” in the search tool and then wait for your result.
  • When the result page opens, find the app and click on it. The app is usually at the top of the result screen.
  • Next to the app, you will see the “Get” button, click on it.
  • Wait as the app downloads.
  • If you want to launch the app, select the “Open” tab otherwise leave the store.

These steps show directions on how to download the app on your iOS from the app store.

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Jodel App on The Play Store

The software is also available for Android users on the play store. So to download the app on Android, these steps are for you.

  • Open the play store
  • On the search engine at the top of the screen, type in “jodel”
  • Hit the search tab.
  • When the search completes, the result screen will open.
  • Find the app and press on it.
  • Navigate to the “install” widget and click it.
  • The app will begin to download. You just need to exercise a little patience.
  • You can open the app if you want to access it right away.

The steps above are procedures to download the Jodel app for your Android device on the play store.

Jodel Blog

The blog category of the platform provides information about Jodel. On this platform, you’ll get information on new features of Jodel, such as language filters, polls etc. In the blog section, you will learn more about creating a poll, where to post polls and lots more. Thus, this section also provides a story about the history of the platform. In case you want to find out more about the platform, is best you visit the blog section. To visit their blog section click on this link

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Jodel Jobs

It is on the categories of the platform. Jobs category is where an unemployed visit to find jobs near them. So if you’re looking for work to engage yourself in visit jodel Jobs category. All you need is to key in your location and then search. Locate the job you want and then apply. You see jodel goes beyond telling you happenings in your area but also helps you find jobs near you. Thus, to visit jodel jobs section goes to

Jodel Online

Apart from the mobile app, users can also access the platform on the web. All you need is to locate the platform web page at  and key in your location. You will also find the comment box below. To send messages, click on the message box.

How to Use Jodel

To use jodel is very simple with whether on the web on in-app. Here are a few guides on how to use the platform.

  • Download the app from the app store.
  • If it prompts you to register, go ahead otherwise, proceed.
  • On the homepage, you will see the location section, this is where you enter your location and then search.
  • The comment box is where you send messages.
  • Use the share or upload tab to post pictures.
  • To visit the blog section, click on the blog tab.
  • Tap on the “jobs” button to find jobs near you.

These are guides on how to use jodel.

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