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Have you seen the list of emoticons for Facebook? Let’s look at what the emoticon is all about. The emoticon is all about symbols that are found on Facebook and Facebook messenger app.

The emoticon is introduced by Facebook to make social media to be more attractive and interesting to people. it is used by users to show their feelings or emotions whenever they are chatting on the platform. And it is also known as emoji.

List of Emoticons for Facebook - Facebook Emoji

List of Emoticons for Facebook

This emoticon is useful in terms of chatting, commenting, posting, and liking photos on Facebook or the messenger app. You can use the emoji or emoticon to show your feelings in comments. And while you are chatting with your friends on the platform. Facebook includes this emojis or emoticons to make users have fun or to enjoy their chats with their friends.

Where Can I Find Emoticons or Emoji on Facebook?

You can find emoticons or emojis on Facebook only when you are chatting with someone or when you want to like someone’s post on the platform. You can also find the emoji or emoticons on your comment page and when you are uploading and updating your status.

How to Make Use of Emoji or Emoticons on Facebook?

On how you can make use of the emoticon or emoji is when you are chatting with a friend. And you really like to show reaction or to show your feelings about what he or she is talking about.

You just need to click on the person’s name that you want to start a conversation with and click the message box. Then tap the emoji or emoticon icon at the top or bottom of your keyboard.

Note the emoji or emoticon has two different types. One is found on your keyboard and the other one is found beside the reply box. And if you want to make use of it, you need to click on it and select the kind of mood that you want to send to that person.

How Emoticons Look Like

The emoticons or emoji is a standardized image. You can find them in different colors; I will list the colors of the emoticons or emojis in this article. You can find them in yellow color, blue, red, black, green, purple, brown, white, pink, and orange. And you can find different kinds like symbols, flags, girls’ and boys’ image, money music, tv, gift, house, fruits, dogs and icon face.


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