Live Football TV – Entertainment Channel For Football


Hey there, are you a sport and football lover? Do you wish to keep track of all football and sporting activities even on the go? If yes, then you need to have one or two Live Football TV on your mobile devices. But what is Live Football TV? Which should you go for? How can you make use of them? All of these are what you will find out in this article. So all you have to do is read through to the end.

Live Football TV - Entertainment Channel For Football

There are so many football and sporting activities that take place at a particular time. This means that there is obviously one for you to select and watch. But how can you watch them? This is where Live Football TV.

Live Football TV

Live Football TV is online platforms dedicated to giving football and sport loving fans the opportunity to watch their favorite sports activities on their mobile device. It gives fans the moment to stay connected with their favorite team and players even as they play for their various teams.

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Apart from watching live-action, with these platforms, you can also get the latest updates and news on results, fixtures, and news going round in the world sport and football.

As good as having these many sport streaming platforms, it is right that one gets the best. If you lay your hands on the best once out there, there is every chance that you will get the best quality display and be the fastest to get the latest news on the sport.

List of Some Best Streaming Platforms

Here in this article, we have arranged a list of some of the best streaming platforms for you to make use of.

  • ESPN.
  • Fubo TV.
  • YouTube TV.
  • Dazn.
  • Hostar.
  • Sling.
  • Live Soccer TV.


ESPN is bar far a well-known brand for broadcasting sporting activities. It is a very cheap and affordable way to get access to all your latest team events and watch live matches. This platform features loads of live sporting events on a daily basis. They all also offer the latest news updates. It is available for both android and IOS users.

Fubo TV:

This is also another platform for which you can stream live football matches. It has over 100 channels where one can watch any live sporting event of their choice, especially football. It is a great option for both national and international sports coverage.  Apart from football and sports activities, Fubo TV offers content on entertainment and others. It has a monthly subscription fee of around $60.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is an excellent option for streaming live football content. It has excellent sports channels, several ESPN channels, tennis channels, and other sporting channels. It has over 80+ channels at a monthly fee of $64.


Dazn only costs $19 to $22 per month and with just this little amount of money, you can get access to many live football actions. With this platform, you also get access to many boxing fights, NFL, NBA, and NHL games. The videos are streamed and showed in high quality.


Sling is a platform that offers three-level plans for sports activities so that with a low budget can be able to access it. The channels included in this platform include ESPN, TNT, NBC sport, ESPN 2 and 3, NFL Network, Tennis, Golf, and a host of other platforms including football channels. Its plans are split into the orange, blue, and orange + blue category or package. it varies around $20 to $50 depending on the package you are going for.

Live Soccer TV:

Live Soccer TV has a wide range of soccer action from many leagues to broadcast. This site gives you a notification for live matches, scores, league standing, and the latest news. It is available for both android and IOS users for convenience.


Hotstar is a subsidiary of a Walt Disney company. It offers both football activities and other entertainment content. And it has football, cricket, hockey, and other sports content. It has both free and paid content.


Listed above are some of the best streaming platforms that you use to watch live football and other sporting activities. They come with a monthly subscription package.  Select the one that best suits your budget and then go for Live Football TV.

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