Marketing by Social Media: Benefits of Social Media Marketing


What is marketing by social media? Marketing by social media or social media marketing is all the same. For you to get a better understanding of what this topic is all about you need to first know about its origin. This is a type of online marketing and this is a form or type of digital marketing. Marketing by social media is a form of marketing or advertising products, platforms, and websites using social media platforms.

Marketing by Social Media

Marketing by Social Media

Just as I have established before, this is one of the types of online digital marketing. It is although one of the most used and popular means of online digital marketing.  Social media platforms have grown popular these days with almost everybody with access to the internet having engagements with one social media platform or the other.

Facebook is the most used and visited social media platform in the world as two billion active visitors week in week out. Wow! If you ask me, then I will boldly tell you that these social media platforms are really a great deal. Every marketer out there should actually try this form of marketing out.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Do you know that about 96% of online marketers are now marketing via social media platforms? The reason for this much recognition will always boil down to the fact that it is working. Come to think of it, imagine spending less time on a platform in order to increase your brand awareness with little to no cost? How would you feel? This is one of the various benefits it provides. Just in case you do not know about the social media form of marketing, here are some of the benefits and advantages associated with it;


  • Since social media platforms are very popular, marketing through them increases your brand awareness. Since you will be engaging with a broad audience and a more targeted audience your brand will definitely gain the recognition you want it to.
  • With this form of marketing your business and brand gets exposed to new and potential clients and customers. Your product traffic will get to increase greatly. Without adding this form of marketing your brand will only be limited to your usual visitors. But by the time you add a social media platform to it, the number of your visitors will surely increase.
  • You also get to increase your brand loyalty. There is nothing more satisfying than being recognized by a reputable brand. And this is what social media platforms present to marketers. You get to relate directly with your social media-based clients and customers. Research shows that customers are 62% loyal to brands that relate more directly to them on social media platforms.
  • This form of marketing is better in terms of cost-effectiveness. Making use of social media platforms to market your products cost little to nothing. It is basically free. It is relatively cheap compared to other forms of online marketing. Another added benefit here is that you get insights from customers on your products and therefore know how to relate with them better.

These are just some of the advantages. For you to get more on it you need to get started with it now if you haven’t tried it out before. Now you know what it is and how it works. It is, therefore, a good time if not the perfect time to get started.

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