Microsoft Excel – How to Download MS. Excel for Various Devices

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool developed by Microsoft. It runs on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. Thus users can create, view, edit and share data easily with Excel spreadsheets. It is one of the most advanced tools for working with raw data.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Excel is designed to help you compute diverse functions and formulas with excellent features. This computation enables you to analyze data that are complex with a few easy control steps.

The platform comes with formulas that enable you to manage income statements and balance sheets including other financial data with ease. However, the platform has an easy-to-use interface, new users will find it easy to use, due to the multiple features displayed at the top of the screen. You will also get unlimited columns and rows. With the columns and rows section, you will be able to provide data for titles and descriptions. There’s also the search button, it is through the search section that you will be able to find the data you entered on the platform.

Ms. Excel Definition

Let of questions have come up concerning Excel including “ what is the definition of Excel” Microsoft Excel is simply a spreadsheet program in MS Office, it is used for viewing and analyzing data. Spreadsheets show a table of values placed in rows and columns that can be used mathematically with arithmetic functions.

How to Download MS. Excel

Download free latest/ old version of Ms. Excel. The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Read the sections below to learn how to install the program on your device.

How to Download MS. Excel – Android Device

Get the ms Excel application on your Android device by visiting the Google play store. On the search tool at the page top, type in the name and begin the search process. When the app appears, click the install button to download the application. To read the app features and other information concerning the app, simply click on it.

How to Download MS. Excel – iOS Device

Download the Microsoft Excel app for your Apple device and enjoy every bit of the program. To get the app, find your way to the apple app store page. The app store is an icon on your device menu, with the capital letter A. In the store, go to the search field and browse for “Ms. Excel”.

On the result screen, click on the “Get” button and then wait for it to install.

How to Download MS. Excel – Windows

Do you want to download Ms. Excel on your computer? Here is what to do. Proceed to their official page by clicking on this link

When you get to the main page  Click on the download tab to download the latest version 2020. To download the old version on their official website scroll down a little, navigate to the right side of the page, and tap on the “Download old versions” button to get the version of your choice.

How to Download MS. Excel – Mac

To download this program on your Mac device it’s either you go to the Mac store to download it or go to

Find the download button and click on it.

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