Microsoft’s Xbox Night Mode Dims Your Screen, Controller, And Power Button


Microsoft’s Xbox night mode dims your screen, controller, and power button and this is something users and gamers all over the world should be happy about, especially Xbox fans. Microsoft has been working on a new console that will come with night modes.

Microsoft’s Xbox Night Mode

Microsoft’s Xbox Night Mode

Microsoft has been testing this night mode feature with Xbox insiders for some time now. And this feature allows gamers and users to dim the LED brightness of their controllers, their screens, and also the Xbox power button. Before users should try this feature out there are things they need to know about the feature.

The new Xbox night mode has lots of customization including dimming levels and also a blue light filter which is completely optional. Users will also be allowed to dim the LED brightness on their controllers. They can also dim the power button light or just turn it off. Here is another function which users will find very useful.

You can also set your Xbox to switch to the system dark mode and also disable HDR when the new dark mode is enabled. Another function to look out for in this new night mode is that it can be scheduled. That is, users and gamers can set it on manual or automatic that will enable the feature at sunset to disable it rather at sunrise.

When to Expect the Xbox Night Mode

Users and gamers all over the world should be expecting this feature soon on their consoles. Microsoft has been testing the feature with Xbox insiders and therefore users should be expecting to see it in various testing channels in the coming weeks and also later in Xbox consoles. It is that close, and all gamers all over the world can do at the moment is keep their fingers crossed and anticipate.


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