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If you’re tired of spending big bucks on subscription-based movie streaming websites, then you will be happy to know that MovieNinja is free. It is used by millions of people surfing the internet. The website has emerged as one of the popular websites for watching free movies and series. You just need to have your popcorn ready, and you are good to go. 


Looking for where to stream the latest movies and TV series, well, then MovieNinja might just be a good option for you. It is a free movie streaming platform that will assist you in locating the highest quality version of each Hollywood. You can watch movies on your computer or smartphone, as the platform is compatible with any device type. There are different categories on the website, so you can easily click on the category you want to stream movies from.


With MovieNinja, you don’t need any form of subscription or purchase. It is free of charge for users to stream. Unfortunately, there is no download option, so you can’t download movies on the website, but you can stream for as long as you want with no restrictions. 

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about MovieNinja including the categories in which you can watch, how to stream, etc. So, let’s not wait much time and proceed. 

Categories On MovieNinja 

On MovieNinja you can stream dating back to 2019 for free. You don’t pay to stream your favorite movies and series on the website. As we already mentioned above, there are various categories on the platform you can stream from, and they include the following; 

  • Action 
  • Adventure 
  • Tv Series 
  • Animation 
  • Biography 
  • Comedy 
  • Crime 
  • Documentary 
  • Drama 
  • History 
  • Horror 
  • Musical 

Above is the catalog of movies you can stream on MovieNinja. New movies are being updated on the platform regularly for entertainment purposes. Let’s look at some of the latest movies you can watch on the website before sharing how you can watch them. 

Some Movies To Watch On MovieNinja 

Don’t know what to watch on the website? Well, let’s help you make a choice by listing some of the new interesting releases on the website. These are some of the new movies you can stream for free on the movie streaming website; 

  • Dog Gone (2023) 
  • M3GAN (2023) 
  • House Party (2023) 
  • The Offering (2023) 
  • The Devil Conspiracy (2023) 
  • This Place Rules (2023) 
  • Plane (2023) 
  • The Pale Blue Eye (2023) 
  • Shotgun Wedding (2023) 
  • A Man Called Otto (2023) 
  • Operation Fortune Ruse de Guerre (2022) 
  • Avatar The Way Of The Water (2022) 
  • Troll (2022) 
  • Emancipation (2022) 
  • Violent Night (2022) 
  • Women Talking (2022) 
  • Babylon (2022) 
  • White Noise (2022) 
  • Wednesday Season 1 
  • Loki’s Journey Into Mystery 
  • 1923 
  • Mandalorian 
  • Manifest 
  • Loki The Variant 
  • The Last of Us 

There are many other movies and series that you can see on the website. Now that you know you can watch your favorite movies and series on the platform, let’s show you how to watch them 

How To Stream On MovieNinja 

Follow these steps to stream movies and series on MovieNinja; 

  • Open your browser and navigate to 
  • A catalog of movie suggestions will be shown, you can select one to watch. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the search to enter the name of what you want to watch. 
  • Click on the one you want to stream. 
  • You may be asked to wait for 60 seconds for the video to load. 
  • When the timer is over, click on the play icon on the movie, and it will start. 

That was easy, right? With the guidelines above, you can watch as many movies as you want on the website for free. 


Watching free movies online has never been easy. MovieNinja is where you can stream movies on a daily even on your smart Tv. In this article, we have detailed everything you need to know about the platform. Please don’t forget to check out our website for more. 

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