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Activating your subway card is easy and makes purchases on subway sandwiches faster. At the same time, you get to earn points toward rewards and promotional offers. Lucky for you, here, you will learn how to use the activate URL. Once your card is activated, you can use it to pay for food with a preloaded amount of money. This is just like a gift card. For more details, keep reading.

The subway card is safe, secure, and convenient. Once you have the card, you can easily activate it, and below we will list out the guidelines to use and activate your subway card. If the card is activated, you can add money, manage your transactions, see past transactions, etc. With the subway card, you can earn rewards which consist of free food or drinks. Activate

Occasionally, as a cardholder, you will stand a chance to qualify for promotional offers. below are the guidelines on how to activate your card at

How To Activate Subway Card At

Below is how you can activate your subway card;

  • Visit a local Subway card participation outlet near you and ask for the card. When you get the card from the store, you can tell the cashier how much money you’d like to load on it.
  • After you have gotten the subway rewards card, use your browser and go to
  • Create an account with Subway by clicking on the profile icon at the top.
  • You will be required to enter your name. date of birth, zip code, email, password, a security question, and answer.
  • Follow the link on the email that will be sent to you as it grants you access to your account on the website.
  • Now, register your subway card. From the account menu, you will see “Add new card”, click on it.
  • Then enter the numbers on the card and create a transaction PIN. Click “Add card” to complete the activation and registration process.

If you have followed the steps above, you can start using your subway card at the outlets. You can purchase food using your card. By using the card to make purchases, it will be activated for points that are redeemable for rewards.

Subwaycard Customer Service

Although you can visit a subway outlet to make inquiries about the rewards card, it can easily be done by contacting customer service online. You can contact subway customer service using the guides below;

  • Go to
  • Scroll down and click on “Contact Us”.
  • The contact us page will open a new tab, select your reason and choose the method you’d like to use and reach.


The subwaycard is a great way to spend and earn rewards and redeem free food. above is how you can easily get and activate the subway card to start earning more. Furthermore, we have shared the contact link for subway customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to activate my Subway card?

Yes, to start using the subway card, you need to activate it. Go to a participating subway outlet to buy food with your card. Present it to the cashier to swipe it and just like that it will be activated.

How do I redeem my Subway gift card?

Subway cards can be used at participating restaurant locations. Also, they can be redeemed online or via the mobile app.

How do I check balance on Subway card?

You can check the balance on your subway card online or via the app using your card account details. Or you can call the customer service number.

How do I activate my Subway card?

To activate your subway card, create a Subway MyWay rewards account at or use the pp.

How do I check my Subway gift card balance without registration?

During your activation, you will be required to register for an account, so, account registration is compulsory. On the other hand, you can call the customer advocate and follow the voice prompts to check your balance.

Do Subcard points expire?

Yes, the rewards you get on your subway card will automatically expire 12 months after the date you earned them.

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