Netflix Horror Movies: Best Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream

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Talking about horror movies, you can watch a couple of them on Netflix. There are several ways to find Netflix Horror Movies and watch them. If you are someone that is looking for a sense of fear, alarm, panic then horror movies are movies you should be watching.

Netflix Horror Movies

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Netflix Horror Movies

Horror movies are a movie that actually allows you to feel anxious in a safe environment. No matter what brand of horror you are in the mood for, you can get it on Netflix. This is why if you have not yet signed up for an account on the platform, you should do so.

List of Netflix Horror Movies

Shortly, I would be providing you with a list of horror movies you can find and watch on Netflix. I am confident that you are going to find horror in these movies so if you have not yet created a Netflix account, you should do. Below are some Netflix horror movies.


Zombieland is based on the zombie genre. It is surprisingly an effective horror movie you should watch. In Zombieland, the zombies are deadly and fast and the only way to survive is either to be a twinkle craving badass with a big truck or a neurotic loner who maintains a detailed set of rules.


Quite a lot of people will still argue that Carrie is the best. This is probably because of the supernatural element that is involved in the story of a lonely teenage girl who is dealing with the cruelty inflicted by her peers on her very own mother.

In the tall grass

In the tall grass was written by Stephen King and Joe Hill his son. It is one of the new additions to the Netflix horror library. The movie is based on a simple and effective premise where innocent people are lured into a cornfield and then screams are heard. These victims usually find escape very difficult.


Fractured in little ways are familiar to the 2018 Bird Box movie. It is a Netflix exclusive horror movie that managed to make a major splash on social media. A major stir has certainly been created from the movie twist ending.

The movie focuses on the story of a man whose wife and daughter disappear in a hospital and he is on a desperate quest to prove that they actually existed in the first place.

Green Room

Green room is a survival horror movie. It features the story of the members of a traveling punk band who find themselves fighting for freedom after witnessing a bit at their latest gig.


The bottom line is that all the movies listed above are horror movies and they can be viewed on Netflix. You should probably sign up for an account on the platform right now.


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