NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP UK 2022″ Application is on for Newcastle University Overseas Research Scholarship, excellent and Outstanding international students from all around the world can apply for Newcastle University Overseas Scholarship to study for a Ph.D. in any discipline of their choice and be sure to have the best facility and tutors in those Fields of study.



Newcastle University is a public university located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The city has witnessed a large influx of people as a result of the university. In the 2021 QS World Ranking, the University was rated 146th. The Overseas Research Scholarship is only available for a maximum of three years.

International students can apply for a number of Newcastle University scholarships and internships. Aside from university-based scholarships, numerous other organizations, such as foundations, trusts, and corporations, provide overseas students scholarships. The application form for Newcastle University scholarships is also available online.

Summary of Newcastle University Scholarship

  • University: Newcastle University
  • Country: United Kingdom Study
  • Study Level: Ph.D.
  • Application Deadline 22 April 2022
  • Number of Scholarship: A total of 15 scholarships are available.
  • Duration: The program does not exceed three years

Requirements for Newcastle University Scholarship 2022

This application for Newcastle University Scholarship is open to international students from any country. If you have been offered a seat on a NUORS course, you may be entitled to apply.

For  Ph.D. degree

  • For fee purposes, an applicant must have been classified as international/overseas and are self-financing entirely or partially.
  • Before applying, applicants must have already been accepted into a Ph.D. research program.

How to Apply For Newcastle University Scholarship

This scholarship application process is completed carried out online. You will be required to fill out all necessary information using the link below:

Steps to guide your Application

  • Interested and qualified candidates should click the link below; and type in Newcastle University.
  • Then make sure you apply for this scholarship separately from your course.
  • For you to apply, you must already have a university offer.


The deadline for applying for University of Newcastle PhD Scholarships is April 27, 2022.  Those who are interested and eligible should apply before the deadline. For more information, please visit the official website at

Newcastle University Scholarship FAQ

  • What is the procedure for obtaining a PHD at Newcastle University? The first step is to look for a research degree. On the comprehensive list of research degrees, you may find the correct research degree for you. Then the second step is to Locate a supervisor Before submitting an application, all applicants must speak with a possible supervisor.

You will need to put together in an organized way a study proposal

Then submit your application right away at

Is a PhD in the United Kingdom completely funded?

Ph.D. in Business, London Business School (London, United Kingdom): On entrance to the program, all students are fully financed. This includes a hefty stipend and a tuition cost waiver.

How good is Newcastle University?

It will interest you to know that Newcastle University is currently ranked 127th in the world. Most world rankings place Newcastle University in the top 200, while most UK rankings place it in the top 20. These records alone give you an idea of how good the institution is and what to expert Studying in Newcastle University.

What is the best way to get in touch with Newcastle University?

There are a number of ways to make contact with the institution, however, You can reach out to Newcastle University by filling out the institution’s general inquiry form.


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