Ollo Platinum Credit Card | Ollo Platinum Mastercard Application

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Ollo Platinum credit card, is aimed at people with poor to bad credit. It is aimed at giving them a new start at building their credit score. 

Ollo Platinum Credit Card

Offered by Bank of Missouri, and serviced by Ollo Card Services, Ollo Platinum CC, is a card free of annual fee stress. 

Ollo Platinum Credit Card Benefits 

  • Stay protected with zero fraud liability 
  • 24/7 customer service, at your beck and call 
  • Enjoy normal rate, when you make a late Payment 
  • There’s Free FICO® Score, that is available online 
  • Offers cardholders instant increases in credit line reviews 
  • Free from foreign transaction, returned payment, and over limit fees 
  • Manage your account easily online from anywhere at any time. 

Ollo Platinum Credit Card Fees/Rates 

  • Annual Fee – Nil 
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – Nil 
  • Returned Payment Fee – Nil 
  • Over Limit Fee – Nil 
  • Purchases APR Rate – 24,99%
  • Cash Advances – 5%
  • Balance Transfer – 4% or $5
  • Minimum Interest Charge – $1.50

How to Apply for Ollo Platinum Credit Card 

Ollo Platinum credit card, is offered by invitation only.

How to Activate Ollo Platinum CC 

Here’s how to activate your Ollo Platinum CC;

  • Scroll to
  • Enter your Last name, DOB, Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Enter Ollo card number (i.e.) 16-digit card number, and the Card expiration date
  • Click on “Next”, to get further instructions. 

How to Login Ollo Platinum Credit Card 

To gain access to your account;

  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click on the “Sign in” button

Recovering Ollo Platinum CC Password/Username

  • Scroll to
  • Enter your Last name, Date of birth, Last 4 digits of SSN, Ollo card number and Card expiration date
  • Click on the “Next” link.

How to Make Ollo Platinum CC Bill Payment

You can mail your bill payment to the following address;

Ollo Card Services

P.O. Box 660371

Dallas, TX 75266-0371

You are to include your full account number on your check.

Cardholders can also make their bill payments online. This is adjudged the fastest way to pay.

Ollo Platinum Credit Card Customer Service Number

Call: 1-877-494-0020

Outside the U.S.? Dial 1-516-224-5600, for general info and inquiries on Ollo Platinum CC. 

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