OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business: 4 Factors to Consider When Comparing


Having a storage cloud for business is a great experience. To store data in the cloud is cost-efficient and effective. This is what some businesses are doing despite the business structure and size.

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

With that said, you have to make the choice between OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business if you are looking for top storage platforms. Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox are two strong cloud data storage providers with good options for individuals and businesses.

They work with Small businesses and big enterprises as well. These two providers have their merits but definitely have their differences when it has to do with business.

Factors to Consider when it comes to OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

Storage Costs

To make the right choice when considering which of the clouds to pick either OneDrive or Dropbox for business. First, you need to consider storage features. With Dropbox for business, you would be paying a monthly charge for unlimited space.

While OneDrive for business has a much less expensive monthly price for 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of space with an additional rate for more storage. So one needs to know how much space to be used in the drive while considering using OneDrive for business.


When it has to do with OS integration, there are factors to consider. OneDrive Microsoft only integrated with the Windows operating system. This enables the effective storage of data from a Windows computer to the cloud.

OneDrive has integration for Mac, iOS, and Android. Dropbox also has a similar integration that is widely useable, not seamless and uploads are done additionally on Linux.

Both platforms offer extra folders to your already existing system where you can drag and drop files and folders that automatically sync to the cloud. Which makes these files and folders to be available online for easy assessment.

However, this is the area that Dropbox shines most. OneDrive does haves app integrations, Dropbox has all but is very good cloud storage at default when using Mobile apps. Also, there is another app integration for OneDrive vs Dropbox.

Security system

When it comes to security, both OneDrive and Dropbox make use of encryption to protect users’ data. By encryption, I mean a process that scrambles the data making it impossible to be seen. Both services also encrypt data while on transit to the cloud from the computer. Also they encryption once it’s on the cloud and on their servers.

However, OneDrive techniques differ a bit for securing data on their servers. Dropbox uses a “key” in one account for all data, a large lockbox, and individual files are placed in its own lockbox and each with its own “Key”.

This makes it hard for hackers to unlock users’ data all at a time. Especially if the attacker is searching for a particular data. In the past around 2012, Dropbox had some security scares but no such intrusion has been heard of Microsoft OneDrive.

Two Factor Authentication

These two service offers two-factor authentication. This means that your account and files are totally secured. It makes it more difficult to penetrate your account or files. Get to Dropbox and OneDrive websites to check out the steps to get your account secure using this two-factor authentication.

In conclusion, the two services have their different distinction but you must consider and choose the one that is best for your company. However, OneDrive may be the best for a business that uses windows computers that wants to start small and grow.

On the other hand, Dropbox may be excellent for a company with a varied system that needs a great amount of space from the start of its cloud storage. Whichever one you want the choice is simply yours to make.


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