Online Course Websites – 20 Free Online Websites to Learn


Are you looking for Online Course Websites? Considering your age or schedule, you may think that you would be unable to complete your degree, but that is a lie. That’s why we have the internet to aid you.

Online Course Websites

Online Course Websites

There are a series of numerous websites that would help you learn any course you desire to read online. In this particular article, I will share with you some of the few websites in their ranking order. These websites have a lot to offer you both as an individual and as a person.

Free Online Websites to Learn

Shortly I will list them and give you a brief info about the website to ease your understanding. They are;

Coursera: is an internet-based website that partners with universities and companies around the globe. This brings a wide range of subjects and perspectives to just one searchable database. Coursera is an effective website for free online training and consists of guides from many of the top universities, museums, and trusts.

This offers the site an exceptionally huge range of in-depth courses. Coursera is extremely beneficial if you’re looking to learn many exclusive topics or want courses from distinctive colleges and corporations.

Khan Academy:

The second on the list is the Khan academy. The Khan Academy collaborates with many secondary schools. This interface is very suitable and well organized. The Khan Academy also culture courses all around the web. This site is also recommended among the top web-based educational sites. They focus on high school courses.

Open Culture Online Courses:

In case you are struggling to discover exactly the material you’re looking for, try the open culture online course. The page highlights up to one thousand lectures, movies, and podcasts from universities around the world.


The next one on this list is Udemy, this site is very similar to Coursera, but the difference is that it allows users to build courses from various lessons. Other websites include;

  • Academic Earth
  • edX
  • Alison
  • iTunes U free courses
  • Stanford online
  • Harvard extension
  • Open Yale courses
  • UC Berkeley class central
  • MIT open courseware
  • Carnegie Mellon open learning initiative
  • Codecademy
  • Codeuniversity of London podcasts
  • University of Oxford podcasts
  • BBC podcasts
  • TED-Ed
  • Lesson paths
  • Memrise
  • National Geographic kids
  • Fun brain
  • Whyville

These are some of the known Free Online Websites to Learn.


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