Online Learning and Training – Where Can I Get Online Learning and Training

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These days, individuals can learn just anything via the internet. The Internet now offers Online Learning and Training. There are lots of sites to learn from, but choosing the best is the major hit. To find out the best sites to use for online learning and training, then read on.

Online Learning and Training

Online Learning and Training – What is Online Learning

Online Learning and Training is the process of educating oneself using the internet. This is a form of instruction that takes place on the Internet. The process involves a variety of multimedia elements such as videos, audio, graphics, and also web links. They can all be accessed on the individual’s browser and they are being used in a lieu of the traditional classroom components.

It is self-paced and very customizable in other to suit a specific need (learning need). Online learning and training can be done at any time and place for as long as there’s an internet connection.

Very convenient for individuals who can actually modify their training to fit their daily activities. All you need for online training or learning is an internet connection and a good knowledge of a computer. With that said, where can I learn or train online?

Where Can I Get Online Learning and Training?

Nice question. There are lots of sites just for online learning and I will be discussing some. Here are some Online Learning and Training Websites;

Khan Academy

This is home to over 3, 000 educational videos on subjects ranging from SAT prep to Cosmology, art, and history. It is a great choice to learn online. At Khan Academy, details courses are broken into smaller sections of videos or texts. To offer ease of learning to students, so it can fit into their schedule.


CourseWare is actually a worldwide effort to make university and college-level course materials. That is to say, it makes the materials accessible for all to use for free on the internet. Individuals can search for the topics of interest or you can simply search via language. The choice is yours to make. This is also another great choice to use to learn online.


Alison is a global e-learning resource with courses in English, German, and also French. Let’s just say, it covers almost everything. It is another awesome choice to use for training and learning online.


This site brings individuals a bunch of great classes together for individuals to learn. Coursera helps individuals to learn the latest skills and also get ready for a career ahead. You can earn a certificate or degree. It is simple and very flexible. This is actually an excellent choice for individuals to use.

MIT Open Courseware

Awesome website to learn from. The site posts course materials from different classes that can be searched by the department. Once a course is chosen, the date it was taught would be displayed and also give access to the syllabus. Including the assignments, study materials, reading, and calendar.

Academic Earth

If you’re searching for a broader collection of courses, then this is the choice for you. Academic Earth has a great collection of courses from over 40 universities around the world. Individuals can search for the subject or source of it.

Open Learning Institute

Open Learning Institute is another perfect choice to use for online training. It gives students access to a handful of course materials, to enable them to learn at their own convenience. But with the same materials and self-guided assessments.

Open Education Database

This is a well-designed educational hub with over 10,000 courses from universities across the world. There are multimedia courses (video, audio or mixed)  and it enables students to learn in whatever way they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Online Training and e-learning?

eLearning, or electronic learning, is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. Although eLearning is based on formalized learning, it is provided through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and even cellular phones that are connected to the internet.

What is Online learning and how is it Done?

Distance learning is an educational process where students receive instruction through online classes, video recordings, video conferencing, or any other audio/Visual technology medium. It enables people to receive an education without having to be physically present in a classroom.

What Training can you do Online?

Jobs you can do online:

  • Personal trainer.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • Translator.
  • Paralegal.
  • Public relations specialist.
  • Market research analyst.
  • Content marketer.
  • Real estate agent.

What is the Difference Between eLearning and Training?

Online learning primarily includes learning over the Internet, while in-person training is a traditional experience in an actual classroom setting. Studies show that 90 per cent of corporations are using eLearning, compared to only 4% in 1995.

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