Online Marketing Metrics: 5 Website Traffic Metrics That Matter For Growth


What are digital marketing metrics? Do you know of any? Online marketing metrics are values used by various marketing teams in tracking and measuring the performance of their marketing campaigns. It is no news that internet marketers use a number of tools in marketing their products and services.

And sometimes tracking their results can be time-consuming and difficult. With that being said, creating a tool that will help them track their progress is very important. And by doing this it will be easy to determine your goals and targets.

Online Marketing Metrics

Online Marketing Metrics

In the event and matter of measuring your digital marketing success, there are various marketing metrics to look up to or make use of. And in this post, I will be sharing with you some of these metrics that you should consider making use of.

Website Traffic Metrics That Matter For Growth

These metrics I will e sharing with you in a bit are for website traffic that matters for your success in digital marketing.

Overall Website Traffic

You may be surprised as to what most companies do to determine the success of their website? Some useful tips to make use of in driving more traffic to your website are;

  • Optimize all pages on your website with good and relevant keywords.
  • You need to create targeted ads to a landing page with an offer
  • Make use of social media pages and platforms in promoting your content.
  • Always publish rich content on your blog.

That’s it. Do these and you will get the desired traffic you are looking for.

Traffic by Source

This is another digital marketing metric. And this very metric for driving traffic to your website explains where the visitors coming to your website are coming from. The main site traffic sources that are tracked by Google analytics are;

  • Organic search
  • Direct visitors
  • Referrals
  • And social

New Visitor’s vs Returning Visitors

The metric of new visitors and returning visitors is a very important metric to look out for. This type of metric shows just how relevant the content you are publishing on your website is over time. If the content you are providing is valuable you will not only attract new visitors but will also keep them coming back. Tips for increasing website visitors and keep them coming back are;

  • Send new emails to subscribers after every new content is published.
  • Always create valuable blog contents that will show up in search engines when specific keywords are searched for.
  • Make use of Twitter to promote your blog posts and add 1-2 relevant hashtags.


What are sessions? Sessions here refer to the specific number of visits that your website receives. The specific number of visitors that come to your website is counted specifically by google every 30 minutes. This, therefore, means that Google triggers this very traffic metric once in every half hour for each individual user.

Average Sessions Duration

While this metric is totally dependent on the functionality of your website, it can be very relevant to your campaigns. This metric is a general indicator of how visitors spend time on your website entirely. This will in turn help you understand how your website performs from a user’s point of view. Below are some tips for increasing a visitor’s time on your webpage;

  • Try adding videos to your content
  • Use tools to help readers stay engaged on your website’s content.
  • Increase the readability of your copy such as larger fonts and more white space.

That’s it. These are some of the metrics to help you drive website traffic. There are lots of other metrics when it comes to internet marketing such as impressions, social reach, social engagement, mail open rate, click-through rate, cost per click, cost per conversion and so many more.


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