Online Marketing Salary: Digital Marketing Salary Trends For 2021

Have you got any idea as to online marketing salary? Besides adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic aftermath, brands and businesses around the globe are now making the shift to the new normal. And do you know what this is? I bet you don’t. Well with no further adu, here it is.

Online Marketing Salary

Online Marketing Salary

Brands and businesses all over the world are now making the shift to digital as it seems that this is the only means of having against your competitors in the business world. In the past few months, the pace at which the industry is shifting in favor of digitality is staggering and it has been predicted to accelerate further in the coming years.

Digital marketing as you should have known already is one of the careers that have seen massive growth even in this slow economy. The industry has attracted a large number of personals. And if you are looking to be part of this industry then this article is a must-read for you. This post will cover the various job roles available in the industry and also the salary trends that you should know about.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends For 2021

In the online marketing industry, the salary trends differ. And this is so common as most companies decide their pay hike based on the digital skills of an employee. Professionals all over the world with digital marketing skills are commanding lucrative salaries and this is not surprising as most brands and businesses are now moving and making the shift to the online trend.

A report by burning glass technologies found out that jobs with digital marketing skills as a requirement pay a whopping 29% more than those that do not. And even with everything happening right now with the coronavirus and all, digital marketing still remains one of the top skills employers are ready to pay more for.

And now with that being said let’s check out the best digital marketing jobs that are showing the best salary trends this year and in coming years.

SEO | Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialist has been listed as one of the top ten most in-demand jobs in LinkedIn and in the process of identifying SEO as a desired skill. A specialist in digital marketing must possess a number of skills ranging from search engine optimization to conversion optimization. Other skills needed by a digital marketing specialist are digital analytics, pay-per-click, email marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

The main aim of a digital marketing specialist is to drive traffic to a website via organic and paid strategies and also ranking high in search results. A digital marketing specialist salary by geography includes;

  • United States – $50,139 yearly
  • The united kingdom – £25,755 year

That’s it.

Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is one of the most effective means of digital marketing these days. And the growth of this marketing strategy will only increase as the number of social media engagements keeps increasing. With more buyers making use of social media platforms these days more than ever. The incentive that businesses and brands increasing their social media experience grows stronger.

Social media managers help businesses grow, reach fans and followers on social media platforms. And the sole aim for this is to attract potential clients and build revenues. Although social media managers are not highly paid, they enjoy the opportunity to quickly go up the ladder so highly sought after positions in the field.

Salary by geography for social media managers include;

  • The USA – $44,160 per year
  • In the UK – £32,310 per year

Content Creator

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is content marketing. Creating content is a very important requirement in every level of marketing. The reason for this is that buyers consume content, and brands compete over it.

Content creators and strategists create great content and also manage a team of writers, and develop editorial calendars. Also, they contribute to online campaigns, study analytics to determine the effectiveness of campaigns and so many more. a content strategy salary by geography includes;

  • The US – $61, 289 yearly.
  • UK – £40,369 per year.

Ecommerce Specialist

The job description of an eCommerce specialist is to manage the development and maintenance of eCommerce websites overall. He is also tasked to maximize sales and revenues. They are also tasked to establish certain standards for products and content management. They collaborate with marketing teams, identifying development via various web analytics among others.

The salary for an e-commerce specialist geographically includes;

  • US – $56,482 per year.
  • UK – £40,369 per year.

That’s it.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Internet of things has now been the backbone of which most industries are built and run and digital marketing is not excluded from this. There is now an emerging focus on customer data these days to meet company targets and all, such as driving sales and getting conversions.

A digital marketing analyst is tasked with making marketing analysis, identifying trends in the market. And lastly extracting customer data to developing goal-driven strategies. This set of persons work with sales and marketing teams. And in driving more leads and revenue to the brand and company. Analyzing the salary geographically, they are;

  • US – $52,166 per year.
  • UK – £32,930 yearly.

That’s it! so what are you waiting for, get basic knowledge on the digital marketing world today and benefit from the already booming industry.


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