Online Marketing School – List of Marketing Courses

Are you in search of an online marketing school? Venturing into digital marketing takes a lot more than zeal. You need practical experience, and for that reason, there are marketing schools to teach you everything you need. Luckily, in this guide, we will be listing the top schools you can attend to teach digital skills to help you succeed.

Online marketing school is a school where you get to learn marketing skills and many others. Digital marketing jobs take a longer time to get when compared to other types of job postings in this market. And also digital marketing shows a 30% growth rate over traditional types of marketing. Kindly read on to know more about online marketing school.

Online Marketing School

A report in 2017 showed that 56% of companies plan to hire more digital marketers. With that being said, it is very important to not just learn digital marketing but also must master the act and practice. Taking a closer look at the online marketing hiring landscape, you can clearly see that there is a talent gap. And this directly affects hiring digital marketing roles.

Online Marketing School

The online marketing landscape and industry are very rich. And if you would love to be part of this, you will have to be a master at the practice of digital marketing. And this is where online marketing school comes into play. Since the demand for digital marketing keeps increasing, schools and institutions have been set up to help out with it.

If you are therefore thinking of taking online marketing as a career, this post is a must-read for you. In this post, we will be sharing the best institutions and schools where you can learn and perfect the practice of online marketing successfully.

Did you know that digital marketers earn more than their traditional marketing colleagues? Also according to data collected by glassdoor, digital marketers earn $77,015 on average per annum. Is there a four-course degree program required to be a part of this field? Yes, there is and in a bit, I will be making a comprehensive list of these institutions for you.

Benefits of Online Marketing to Students

Here are the benefits of online marketing to students you need to know about:

  • Different strategies
  • Effective targeting
  • Increased engagement
  • Local reach
  • Easy to learn
  • Global Reach.
  • Lower cost
  • Multiple content patterns

Those are some of the benefits of online marketing to students.

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Top Online Marketing Schools and Institutions in the US

There are lots of educational institutions that provide online digital courses and programs. And at the end of the day, you get certified. But that’s not the most important part though. The important thing here is that you become good at what you do. Below are some of the top online marketing schools in the world.

Duke Continuing Studies

Founded in the year 1838, the duke university has been of great service. Situated in Randolph County, North Carolina, the university has transitioned into one of the best universities in the southeastern part of the united states with a motto of ‘knowledge and religion’.

This university offers a digital media and marketing certificate. This program is offered via the office of continuing studies at Duke University. This very program is designed for people who are looking to improve their skills in the digital marketing field or those who are looking for a new challenge or career path.

To be applicable for this program you must be 18 years and above. You also must be fluent in the English language also in reading and writing. Also, you must be computer literate, have good internet access, and have an active email address and account. This course has a duration of 12 months and a tuition fee of $3,195.00.

University of Vermont

The University of Vermont has a very rich history no doubt. Founded in 1791, it is a New England university with a great reputation. After Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and brown, this institution is ranked as the fifth of the new England higher educational institutions. By value colleges for the best value for a digital marketing online certificate, it is ranked 11.

The digital marketing fundamentals certificate by the University of Vermont ranks number 1 in the nation by best online marketing degrees. This course is designed for marketers in general and people who are new to the online marketing industry. The duration of this course is 10 weeks with a tuition of $1,695.00.

DePaul University

Founded in 1898, this university is located in Chicago. This university is popularly known for enrolling students from privileged backgrounds and first-generation students into its programs. In the 2018 edition of the best colleges in national universities, it ranked #120.

The integrated marketing communications certificate program offered by the institution gives a detailed knowledge of the basics of creating a clear, communicative, and cooperative communication strategy for your organization via direct digital marketing and advertising promotions. The tuition fee of this institution is $1,495.00.

University Of California

The University of California is a public institution founded in 1065. Located in orange county California is one of the campuses of the University of California. This institution has a very rich reputation for academic achievement, innovation, and many more.

This institution offers an online digital marketing certificate program designed for professionals who are looking to enhance the performance of their websites, acquire analytical skills, and create online marketing campaigns and those who are looking to take online marketing as a career.

You will be required to complete six required courses and two elective courses with a grade ‘C’. or a minimum of sixteen units to earn a digital marketing certificate. The duration of this course is 3 – 12 months and tuition of $3,765.00.

Oregon State University

Located in Corvallis, Oregon, northwest United States, this university is founded in 1868. Oregon state university has had the largest enrollment since its inception in the state. According to vale College for the best value for digital marketing online certificate, it is ranked #15 and #145 in the edition of the best college in national universities.

The digital brand management certificate offered by this institute provides an overview of how you can get found on Google’s first page, how to best get results out of your branding efforts, use social media for marketing and SEM, SEO, and AdWords. This course has a duration of 5 – 7 weeks and a tuition fee of $1,950.00.

Those are some of the top online marketing schools and institutions in the US.

List of Online Marketing Courses

Below is the list of marketing courses:

  • Marketing Management.
  • Marketing Communications.
  • Brand management.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Business marketing.
  • Search engine Optimization.
  • Marketing strategy.

Those are some of the marketing courses you need to be aware of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Online marketing degree worth it?

Compared with attending graduate school, learning digital marketing with unaccredited digital marketing courses, and starting a website is 10 times more profitable, with a return on investment of 521% three years after starting your digital marketing career compared to a return of 53% from a digital marketing degree.

Where can I Study Online Marketing?

Here are some of the best online courses to learn digital marketing:

  • Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
  • Career Foundry Digital Marketing Program.
  • Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course.
  • Copy Blogger’s Content Marketing Tools and Training.
  • LinkedIn Learning Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Online Marketing?

Based on your current experience, you might be able to acquire the skills you need to become a Digital Marketer in as little as 12 weeks. However, mastering many techniques and skills. While soft skills learned on the job like leadership and communication may take years.

Is Online Marketing Difficult to Learn?

Digital Marketing is not necessarily hard to learn, but it does take a lot of time, effort, and persistence. It gets hard when you are unfamiliar with search engines, data analytics, or content management.

Feeling overwhelmed at the start of learning something new is quite normal. Online marketing is hard to learn, however, the end results of learning are worth it.

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