Online Marketing Work from Home Jobs: 5 Marketing Gigs You Can Do From Home

Remotely working from our homes seems to be the latest trend in the online marketing world today. Many people now see online marketing work from home jobs as the next big thing. Major companies and brands are now making the shift to the digital world, therefore, leading to a boost in the industry.

Online Marketing Work from Home Jobs

Online Marketing Work from Home Jobs

As an online marketing expert, one thing I can say for everyone in the field is that being confined to one place is pretty limiting and tiring. Trust me, we like our space, we love being creative with time and we observe our surroundings a little bit too much.

And due to the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses and brands are now considering working remotely more than ever. And in the process giving marketers all over the globe the much-anticipated opportunity to work the way they want. I mean online marketing professionals can now work from just about anywhere and this includes the home, a coffee shop, a library and so many more places.

Digital marketing professionals are now being produced more than ever with this new shift. And this has also given and created more opportunities for work from homers in the digital marketing world. In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the best and top online marketing jobs from home opportunities. Therefore make sure you read the contents of this post from start to finish.

5 Marketing Gigs You Can Do From Home

There are lots of jobs to actually do from home, but in this post, however, I will be sharing with you the top 5 currently in the industry.

Product Marketing Manager

If you are one of the many that love marketing and tech then you really should check available product managing roles. Here you will manage new products as they are released and also the positioning, communications, and everything that has to do with them.

Many companies want their product marketing managers to be around a team at all times. But do you know that there are other startups and companies that value virtual working? Some of these companies may be tight on space and this is where you may come in. to be productive and effective in this type of job you must be tech-savvy.

Marketing Copywriter

Marketing copywriter recently has been rated as one of the best jobs in the marketing and advertising industry. This type of job is an obvious choice of a work-from-home gig. And you would really love doing it. Getting a job of this description is not all that difficult. You can check out platforms like FlexJobs, freelance writing jobs, or ProBloggers Job Board for jobs of this description.

You should have awesome writing skills and also have good reading and understanding on SEO as companies want writing that will be seen on the web.

Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is a very important work-from-home job. And their services are very vital to the online marketing world. If you are someone that is keen on details, even the slightest, then this is a really cool opportunity for you. This position requires you to analyze data and in turn them to marketing strategies.

What you need for this role depends. But you are most likely to have a combination of analytical and strategic skills and thinking. If you are an expert in SEO, it is a bonus.

Content Strategist

You will have to work with various brands to determine what they need in terms of content based on their goals. And if you already are a blogger you should understand how content marketing works. There is plenty of work from jobs available in this industry. You will need to have proven success in blogging. And the content strategy to be effective and successful in this job from the home trend.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Of all the roles mentioned in this post, this is the most flexible. And if you have experience in digital marketing, this could be the best gig for you. Online marketing consultants are always paid well. And many companies always rely on their expertise. Online marketing consultants are hired to analyze marketing trends and strategize with teams on getting improved performances.

You should have many years of experience and deep insight into one or two sets of skills.


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