Panda express guest Experience Survey at survey is the website for the Panda Express feedback survey. The Pandas express is a fast-growing restaurant chain in the United States that offers American Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is a major Asian part restaurant chain USA where this cuisine originates and in other North America, Asia, and other places. The Chinese restaurant’s favorite cuisine is firecracker chicken breast, Kung Pao chicken, grilled teriyaki chicken, Orange Chicken, etc.

The Panda Express guest survey is an invitation for clients to express their experience at the restaurant. If you are a regular customer at the Panda Express Chinese restaurant, then you need to participate in this survey to enhance their services and products.

The aim of the Panda Express feedback survey is to attract new clients and to put in quality measures to retain the current customers. Customers’ satisfaction is the needed tool of any customer-related service business.

The company is seeking to hear from its customers if they are happy with the administration or any other suggestions and recommendations.

Also, the express survey is aimed at measuring customers’ satisfaction, their fulfillment, or disappointment rates. It will enable the company to appreciate, acclaim, and offer feedback to the customer in order to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Panda Express Feedback Survey

To participate in the Panda Express guest survey, there are basic rules to follow just as the ones below;

  • Get to any of the Panda Express Chinese restaurants to graph two entry plates
  • Get online to participate in the survey or you can take your survey over the phone
  • The Panda Express survey receipt only last for two days
  • Only 18 years and above can participate
  • Only one coupon per entry and one person per pandas survey code
  • Unlimited entries are allowed
  • There is no cash prize for the survey

How To Participate in Panda Express Survey

To participate in the Panda express survey is very simple and easy. The interface is very easy to navigate. Use these guides to participate in the survey. Pandas express survey can be done online or by mobile phone. Let me explain both ways.

Online Entry

  • Make a purchase at panda express and obtain a receipt
  • Visit the Panda Express feedback survey website at or
  • Let your device be connected to an active strong internet service
  • On the web page, enter the 22-digits code on your receipt
  • Navigate downward and click on the red Start button
  • On the next page, fill in answers to the survey questions and drop your comments, review, and suggestions on the blank space
  • You will get a Validation code on the screen once you are done with the online survey
  • Write down the validation code at the back of the Panda Express receipt you have.

The receipt will be presented at the Panda Express store on your next visit to get your panda express feedback survey free entree offer. Try and complete the Panda Express feedback survey within two days of purchase for the item at the store.

By Mobile Phone Number

Taking the Panda Express feedback survey over on the phone seems to be the easiest method to participate in the feedback survey. These are the steps to complete the feedback survey process below;

  • Visit the Panda Express Chinese restaurant
  • Get your receipt and save it well
  • Check at the back of the receipt and use the corresponding phone number to connect with a panda express correspondent.
  • You will be asked to verify your access by providing information in the receipt
  • Do not forget to make the call within two days of purchase at panda express.
  • You will have to answer all the survey questions on the phone
  • Next, write down the receive panda express coupon code
  • Bring the Panda Express receipt to the Panda store and get the Panda Express feedback-free entrée or free meal

At Panda Express guest survey feedback they value customers’ distinct feedback and appreciate your time I took the survey. This will allow them to improve and effectively implement any changes as regards your feedback.



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