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Payoneer vs PayPal financial Service, which one is better?  If you are curious about knowing the best money transferring platform to switch to, this article will be comparing and analyzing the key features of Payoneer and PayPal’s financial system so as to find out which one is better. So stay cool let’s do the comparison.

Payoneer vs PayPal Financial

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Payoneer vs PayPal Financial Service

Sending it transferring money abroad is common with professionals and businesses that depend on international staff and freelancers. PayPal and Payoneer are the two most popular electronic payment systems across the globe. Between these two electronic payment services, PayPal is the most known when it comes to doing with international money transfer although there are other increasingly popular alternatives to PayPal that attract millions of customers which is Payoneer.

Payoneer and PayPal Features

Costs: costs turns out to be one of the challenges people face when receiving or sending money overseas. User’s benefits are more with Payoneer when it comes to costs. You can send money directly to your payee’s bank account in his/her local currency. With this method you will you can transfer money to multiple recipients at a very low cost.  If you want your money to be sent directly to your bank you will be chargee$3.00 for each transfer. For PayPal, it costs rate is higher than that of the Payoneer. So Payoneer has considerable fees and charges, unlike PayPal.


In terms of processing withdrawals and global mass payout, Payoneer works faster and smoother than PayPal. Do you know why?  PayPal offers a manual withdrawal system and it’s lengthy but not the same with Payoneer. Payoneer lets companies transfer money to you in local currency directly to your bank account. Users can easily receive money from foreign companies, affiliate programs, and freelancer websites to your bank account. Transferring of cash is automatic, which means you can get the money sent to you to account within the space of 24 hours. PayPal Transfer, on the other hand, can last for about three working days.


Security is one of the major factors to consider when making an international money transfer. You must ensure that the cash you are sending and your personal data are safe and secure, by observing the important cautions to prevent scammers from scamming you. So when it comes to security both electronic payment services are amazingly secure and safe by protecting your personal data and your cash.

Easy to Use

Payoneer allows you to set up automatic payment which makes it easier for you while transacting often. So when you receive a payment it will automatically convert to your local currency and then move straight into your account. While PayPal request transactions manually any time you want to make a transfer, which makes it more difficult and also take your time.


You can access Payoneer anywhere, including in the US, Ukraine, and many other places but PayPal is not accessible in countries like Pakistan.


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