Pinterest Marketing Strategy – 5 Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Consider Using Today


Before now Pinterest was seen as a site to g get home décor ideas and finding food recipes. This is why this article is about ‘Pinterest Marketing Strategy’. Pinterest has been rated as the best visual search engine. They host tons of photos, inspiration, links, and graphics for almost everything you are searching for.

However, Business also drives excellently on Pinterest even if it’s original graphics or photography. About 55% of users are on the platform for fresh products and the platform helps in driving website traffic.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

However, creating Pinterest marketing Strategy Steps leaves a great impact on your business. You will have to make out certain strategies to monetize your business on Pinterest. Let’s see more on this article as you read on.

Some Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest Marketing Strategy will require you to make moves and innovations that will boost your business forward. Let’s see a few of these steps:

The Branding  of your Profile

The number one step to being on Pinterest is to create an account especially if you want to monetize your boards. This will enable you to have access to analytics, good pins, and more. When you create your account you will have to brand your profile. To brand your profile, you need to choose a cover board. This involves pins on board at the top corner of the cover design.

Additionally, you need at least one Pinterest board that mentioned exclusively content from your website or business. Also, upload a profile photo that best described your business.

Determine Your Content Strategy

There are numerous different types of content that are doing well on Pinterest. Some are product pins, blog posts, and infographics.

Product pins – according to records, 72% of pinners get inspired to shop at a point which they did not even want to via beautiful product pins. Beautiful product photos will help attract the audience’s attention.

Infographics pins – it is yet another way of promoting your business. It contains data visualization, graphic or gainers, and others that visually carry data and other content. Infographics are vertical by nature, you can also use lead magnets and create beautiful vertical graphics too.

Blog post graphics –  it promotes articles published on the website. Ensure it is well designed and can easily stand out on a personal feed.

Create and Join Community Boards

This is another great Pinterest marketing Strategy that will help enhance your content. Pinterest allows users to invite others to contribute to a board. A lot of users need to check for famous pinners in their niche and search to find if they have group boards that are relevant to their industry. Search and join such communities, Joining these sets of communities will help to promote your Pins.

Focus on Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a visual search engine meaning that it has its own algorithm and search engine optimization rules. You have to remain focus on Pinterest SEO and keep implementing those rules on your personal profile to increase your ranking. These are areas you need to pay more attention to:

Your profile – use both your keyword and bio so that you can be seen on search results.

Pins – ensure you use relevant keywords about your pin between both the title and description.

Your boards – here focus on keywords in place of funny names. SEO is very important. Also, add a board description to let your followers know what they can find on your board. Includes your main and secondary keywords.

Always add Fresh Pins

Above all your strategy should be to always add and share fresh content on Pinterest. This will improve the quality of your profile making it a sure likely means of Pinterest sharing your content in search results.


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