Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Abia State Nigeria.


There are lots of romantic places to take your husband to in Abia state Nigeria either simply to be alone or just have a memorable time together. So, if you have been wondering about the romantic places to go with your husband, in this article, you will get the answer to the question you have been Looking for.

In Abia state, you can never run out of ideas on what to do with your husband or where to visit. Without wasting much of your time, let’s read on to find out some of the romantic places to hang out.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Abia State Nigeria.

Here are some of the romantic places to visit with your husband in Abia State Nigeria:

De Executive Lounge

This is one of the romantic lounges you can take your husband to in Abia state and have a good time together. Spoiling your husband doesn’t have to cost much, the simple things matter, and taking him out to have fun and paying the bills goes a long way.

The Choice Fast Food

Honestly, nobody functions well without food and food is the fastest way to the heart of man, so why not take him to the Choice fast food and feed him? However, the food at the choice fast food is quite affordable and delicious.

Abia Mall

Aside from shopping, there much other fun and romantic spots to visit inside the Abia state mall that you can take your husband to and enjoy. Visit the mall today and treat your husband to some awesome baby boy treatment and make him feel loved.

Hotel Royal Damgrete

Whether for a short or long vacation with your husband, hotel royal damgrete is a place to visit. You can get to spend some alone and quiet time with your husband in a serene place. Whatever you need to have a good stay and enjoy yourselves is made available at this welcoming gorgeous hotel.

La Serena Global Resort Hotel

La Serena global resort hotel is yet another romantic place to take your husband to in Abia state and enjoy some time away from others. You can get to make new memories together. Also, you get to chill at the resort’s pool or visit the restaurant and feed yourselves to recharge properly.

De Latinos Lounge Bar and Events Center

This is another romantic place to hang out with your husband. Aside from the beautiful surrounding of the place, you also get to enjoy some fun activities with your husband. Engage in fun activities and make new memories together as a couple.

Azumini Blue River

Azumini blue river is one of the romantic places to take your husband to and have a fun time together. The river is crystal clear and you can see the water bodies. The beauty of the river comes out during the sunny times making a romantic spot to take your husband.

Rixos Continental Resort

Rixos resort is a beautiful place to unwind and have fun with your husband. There are some really fun things you can enjoy doing there together, could be swimming, visiting the restaurant or chilling at the poolside and listening to cool soul music and blues.

Hideout Hookah Lounge

Just like the name implies, the hideout hookah lounge is a romantic place to visit with your spouse and enjoy some privacy. You get to converse about all that is happening and make new plans together at the same time having a good time.

Abia State National War Museum

If your husband enjoys learning about history then this a spot to take him. The Abi state national war museum was established in 1985. It is a romantic place to visit with your lover and learn about the history of the Abia state war. The place is set up as a reminder to the people of the aftermath of the civil war that took place in the state of Abia.

Jevenik Restaurant

Jevenik restaurant is a fast food spot to visit and feed your husband with good homemade style mouthwatering African delicacies. The restaurant is cozy to relax and enjoy a good meal. Also, the prices are reasonable enough.

Panyu Hotels and Resort

If you are looking for a 5-star place to treat your husband and have alone time, then Panyu hotels and resort is that place. The hotel offers 5-star services including private balconies. At the accommodation center, you get to enjoy each other in a private setting, binging to your shows or listening to music.

Taking your husband to this resort will be a nice option because you get to enjoy each other’s time alone, and converse about the future.


In this article are some of the romantic places to hang out with your husband in Abia state Nigeria. The decision-making is up to you. Make sure to share this with your friends who might be deciding to spend some time alone with your spouses as well.

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