Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Adamawa State Nigeria


What better way to end the year than spending it with your husband? If you are in Adamawa, there are many romantic places to take your husband to in Adamawa state Nigeria. It is one of the best states to enjoy some time with your spouse due to the luxurious hotels and restaurants found there. Your husband doesn’t always have to be one spoiling you, as a wife, you must treat your husband nicely and spoil him.

There are many romantic places to take your husband to in Adamawa state Nigeria. With the countless number of romantic places in the state, we will be listing some below. If you are planning to spoil your husband with a romantic place this year’s end, here are some romantic places to consider.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Adamawa State Nigeria

Fastnet Cinema

A cinema like Fastnet is an awesome place to enjoy seeing some new movies and simply spending time with your husband. You can see your favorite movies together.

Al Deewan Palace

Want to try out Arabic dishes? Well, Al Deewan palace is the place to visit with your husband. Also, you get to enjoy African delicacies as well with your favorite. The restaurant makes some of the best Arabian meals you can have in the state.

Item 7

Looking to try out a decent meal with your husband? Visit Item 7 and you will be glad you visited. Also, the customer is great as the staffs are professional and very polite. Item 7 is a place to enjoy a romantic meal with your spouse as you get to enjoy your time together in a quiet environment.

Mandara Mountains

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Adamawa state Nigeria. Mandara mountain is a romantic place to take your husband and enjoy some alone time. Make new memories with your spouse and capture them.

City Green Hotel

If you want luxury, visit City green hotel with your husband and have a romantic time together. There is a swimming pool where you can just relax and chill with your spouse. Also, city green has a restaurant to grab a quick meal and fill your stomach.

Sukur Kingdom

Sukur kingdom is a romantic to take your husband and have a good time. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was founded on a hill above the Sukur village in Adamawa.

Salti Delight Restaurant and Fast Food

Salti delight is a fast food that you take your husband to and try out new meals. Treat your husband out to the restaurant and fill his stomach with delicious meals that will delight him. Also, you can have a drink and just relax together.

Koma Hills

If your husband enjoys visiting hills and mountains, then Koma hill is a place that will thrill him. So, taking him to the hills will have him pleased. Koma hills were discovered by a corp member in 1986. You can take your husband to visit the hills and enjoy some quiet time alone around nature. Being around nature is calming and fun, as you get to enjoy the quietness, and tweeting of the birds.

Kiri Dam

The dam is near Kiri town in Adamawa state, giving it the Kiri Dam. It was built specifically to supply electricity and water in the state. Kiri Dam is a great site to take your husband provided with beautiful modern facilities to accommodate tourists visiting

Babz Lounge

Babz Lounge is a lively fast food serving deliciously cook food at affordable prices. Meaning, you get to enjoy your favorite meal with your husband with you. Also, you can simply get a takeaway from the food menu.

Chicken Cottage

The chicken cottage is one of the best places to enjoy homemade delicious African cuisines. Treat your husband to eat and try out new delicacies at the Chicken cottage located in Yola, Adamawa state. The restaurant is a cozy place to eat and relax.

La Rosa Intercontinental Restaurant and Bar

La Rosa is a restaurant and bar to enjoy some intercontinental meals and have a drink afterward to let the food digest well. You can visit the restaurant and bar any day of the week with your husband and have a good time together.

Bashama Kitchen

Bashama kitchen is a place for both local and continental meal cravings. If your husband wants to try new meals, both local and foreign, Bashama kitchen is the place to take him and let him fill his stomach with smooth and deliciously prepared dishes.

Valla Restaurant

This is one of the romantic places to take your husband to in Adamawa state and enjoy some deliciously cooked meals. Valla restaurant is open every day of the week so you can put out a day to treat your husband to a nice meal at the restaurant.

Ruwan Zafi

Ruwan Zafi is the local name used by the people for Lamurde Hot Spring. A wonderful work of nature and has been in existence for over 20 years. An interesting thing about the place is that Ruwan Zafi (meaning water) is believed to have healing powers. Interesting fact, isn’t it? Trust me, your husband by excited to visit this place.

Duragi Hotel

If you are vising Adamawa state for the first time, Duragi hotel is a place you should lodge with your husband and enjoy your stay. The hotel ensures to provide what is needed to make your stay memorable and comfortable. Also, there are great services and amenities including a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, business, etc.

You can treat your husband to a delicious meal at the restaurant while at the hotel, and afterward, share a bottle of drink and reminisce.


In conclusion, Adamawa is one of the most beautiful states with lots of stunning attracting places to visit. And visiting these places would not be fun without your spouse beside you. I hope you find this article helpful and informative, if yes, share it with your friends that are interested in visiting the state or looking forward to treating their spouses out.

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