Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Bauchi State Nigeria


Want to visit romantic places in Bauchi with your husband but don’t know such places? Well, don’t be discouraged, we will be listing some romantic places to take your husband to in Bauchi State Nigeria. There are many romantic places in Bauchi to visit or take your spouse to. I can assure you that this is the article, you have been looking for, so ensure to read on.

Each state has romantic places to visit with your spouse and Bauchi is not left out. There are plenty of romantic places to take your husband in Bauchi State Nigeria. Now, let’s look at the places to visit with your spouse for a romantic getaway and alone time.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to in Bauchi State Nigeria

Below are some romantic places in Bauchi state to visit;

Gurara Water Falls

As the name implies, the Gurara Water falls is a beautiful place to visit with your husband and enjoy the wonderful view. The water falls freely thereby making the sound and smell wonderful. This is a romantic place to visit with your spouse and enjoy some alone and quiet time.

Yankari National Park

This is one of the best romantic places to visit with your husband to spend some time together. It is located in the South-Central part of Bauchi. Also, the national park and game reserve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Africa. The feel and view at the Yankari National Park are simply breathtaking.

Bagari Suites Limited

This is one of the romantic places to take your husband to in Bauchi State. It consists of spacious and affordable rooms. There is a restaurant and a bar where you can simply relax with your spouse and grab a meal or bottle of drink. Bagari Suites is structured to give you and your husband a good time.

Larema International Hotel and Suites

The Larema international hotel and suite is located in Bauchi state and is counted among the top romantic places to take your partner. The place is hidden away and very serene making it one of the romantic areas for you and your wife. This holiday, you can consider this place.

Shehu Azare Park

Shehu Azare park is one of the beautiful places to take your partner to. The place is full of life and also with scenic beauty and a lovely and well-kept lawn. However, there are colorful flowers and cement benches that offer a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

The Wikki Warm Spring

The Wikki warm spring is a place filled with mother nature and is considered the answer of Mother nature to her children. You can visit this place with your husband and just relax in a tranquil environment while being serenaded by nature. The warmness and calmness of the place will help your spouse relax and free their mind from stress.

Tafawa Balewa Tomb

This place contains the remains of the Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who was the first Prime Minister of Nigeria. If history excites your husband, then this is the place to visit with him as the tomb houses his personal belongings.

The Emir of Bauchi Palace

The Emir of Bauchi Palace is one of the romantic places to visit with your spouse. It was built over two hundred years ago. The palace is built with mud; however, it is a notable place with beautiful arched balconies and windows.

It serves as a host to many festivals and rites performed in Bauchi State. Indeed, the glamorous view of the palace will excite your spouse.

Unity Park

Visit Unity Park today and experience the beauty of the savannah in the park. The park contains lots of fun activities or facilities to keep you and your husband entertained such as indoor and outdoor sports facilities, swimming pools, an open theater, and a shopping complex.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium

The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium was built in 1985 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is a federally-owned stadium. The stadium has been upgraded with a state of art turf, renovated gallery, a Presidential stand, and a medical center. The stadium is a nice place to partake in competitive games with your spouse.

Sumu Wildlife, Bauchi

Sumu Wildlife was by the State Government in 2015. This is one of the newest tourist centers being developed by the Government in Bauchi State. Sumu Wildlife is a leisure and entertainment place to visit with your spouse. There are other facilities to support the nice view of the place such as accommodation lodges and restaurants specialized in making local delicacies.

Zaranda Hotel

Zaranda Hotel is a romantic place to rest with your partner while enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing on the good old days. It is situated in one of the most beautiful and well-loved wildlife sites in Nigeria. It is a great place for both travelers (tourists) and local leisure seekers. Thus, making Zaranda Hotel a good resting and romantic to take your lover.

Bauchi Polo Club

Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with your husband and other pool enthusiasts at the Bauchi Polo Club. It is a romantic place to visit with your husband and it hosts various tournaments all year round. It is a home to pool lovers and spectators as well.

Tunga Dutse

Does your hubby love history? Well, Tunga Dutse is a place to take him in Bauchi. The place is popular for its ancient engraving on the rocks and the writings are large. The meaning behind the inscriptions on the rocks is yet to be known making it more exciting to visit. History that comes with a bit of suspense is exciting and challenging. Visiting this place with your husband will you exciting topics to talk about.


I hope your research on the romantic place to take your husband in Bauchi is finally done with the few places listed in this guide. There is nothing like having a fun time with your spouse. If you find the romantic places listed in this article helpful, ensure to share them with friends. Feel free to leave your suggestions or questions.

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