Shutterstock App – Features of the Shutter Stock Application You May Not Know

Shutterstock App is one of the most interesting work tools you will need as a creative designer, top-notch publisher, or stock photographer. There are millions of high-quality stock photos on the platform that you can use for your Web blogs, publications, articles, and many more. Why not proceed to the app Marketplace and get the app suitable for your device.

Shutterstock App

Shutterstock App

The app is very easy to use, it offers high-quality images and a good collection for the creative needs of big and small businesses. You can get thousands of images on this platform for brochures, corporate website articles, etc.

The app provides you with an editing feature. That is to say, you can easily edit royalty-free images on your mobile phone desktop, or tablet. Thus you can also search for millions of quality images, vectors, and illustrations.

Features of the Shutter Stock Application

Shutterstock App is embedded with outstanding features which include the following

The Image Library

The image library gives you the opportunity to access millions of royalty-free stock photos, and images.  You can browse for the image you want in the image category and then download it straight away.

Latest Content Update

Users get daily updates of more than 140,000 new images.  With this, they get the newest content before it gets viral.

Photo Collection Creation

Users are given the opportunity to create photo collections and then use them to save the images you like. The images you saved on this collection you created can be edited, shared, and downloaded whenever you want.

Purchase and Download

Shutterstock content is very easy to purchase and download. You can get them on your smartphone and computers.

How to Download the Shutter Stock Application

To get the app installed on your device read below.

  • Go to your phone home page and click on the play store icon.
  • Proceed to the search tool, and then type in “Shutterstock App”
  • Click on the enter tab.
  • When the new page opens, select the app.
  • Tap on the install button to begin the installation process.
  • After installing the app, click on the “open” tab, if you want to access the platform immediately otherwise ignore it.

How to get the App on your iPhone

The Shutterstock app is very much easy to download on your iPhone, the downloading process is a bit similar to that of an android phone. So to download this very app on your iPhone this is what to do.

  • Get your iPhone.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Click on the app store to access it.
  • Navigate to the browser tool in the app store and search for the app.  To search for it you will need to type in “Shutterstock App” in the browser tool.
  • When the result page shows up, click on the app to access the details of the app including its version.
  • Tap on the “get” icon next to the app to download it on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the open icon after installing the app to launch it.
  • Go ahead and enter your login details to head straight to the platform.

That is all you need to do to get the app installed on your iPhone.

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