Simmons rewards visa signature credit card – Simmons Credit Card Application

Simmons rewards visa signature credit card lets holders earn points every time they spend and redeem them for cash, airfare, travel packages, etc. To learn more about Simmons rewards credit cards, read to the end.

Simmons rewards visa signature credit card

Simmons Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

Simmons rewards visa signature credit card is a rewards card and you get to earn points with every purchase you make with it. You get to earn 1.25 points on every dollar you spend using your rewards card. There is a lot more to know about the Simmons rewards visa signature credit card, so read in.

Below we will be sharing everything you need to know about the rewards visa credit card.

Simmons Bank Credit Card Features

There are lots of incredible features you can enjoy with the Simmons rewards visa signature credit card. They include;

  • You earn 1.25 points per every dollar you spend.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Simmons rewards card offers a 12-month 0% APR promotion on balance transfers made within 60 days of account opening.
  • No balance transfer fee after 60 days.

Those are some of the features of Simmons bank credit card, you need to know about.

Simmons Bank Credit Card Rates and Fees

Simmons bank credit card fees are in line with the standards for the card history. There is no annual fee and the APR is a 10.25% variable. During the promotional period, the balance transfer fee is charged at $10.00 or 3% of the amount of each transfer.

However, once the promotional period is over, the balance transfer fee is 0%. Also, Simmons rewards visa signature credit card foreign transaction fee is 2% which is lower than the normal 3%.

Simmons Bank Credit Card Benefits

On the Simmons bank credit card, you get the following benefits as a cardholder:

  • No annual fee
  • 0% Intro APR for 12 billing cycles on balance transfers completed within 60 days of account creation. After that period, it will be at 15.25% – 23.25 APR variable.
  • Rewards for every dollar spent using the rewards visa credit card.
  • Spend $3,000 in purchases during the first 3 months to earn 30,000 bonus rewards points.
  • Car rental coverage
  • Global acceptance.
  • Travel coverage
  • Visa Signature cardholders receive valuable perks like access to exclusive hotels, complimentary 24-hour vis signature concierge, and entertainment packages.

Above are the benefits of this card you need to know about.

Simmons Credit Card Application

Applying for a Simmons credit card is simple and fast with a good internet connection. Whether you which to apply by mail, online, or with a bank associate, you will need the below:

  • Basic Financial Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Employer Information.

This is what you need to know before you apply for the summons credit card.

How to Apply for Simmons Visa Signature Credit Card

Below is a guideline on how to apply for the Simmons rewards visa signature credit card online:

  • Navigate to the Simmons bank homepage at
  • Click on “Apply Online”.
  • Thoroughly read through the Terms and Consent as you won’t be able to proceed with reading.
  • Click on the checkboxes to proceed after reading and click “I Agree”.
  • You will be redirected to a new tab with the Simmons card application form.
  • Enter your Solicitation ID (skip this if you weren’t given any).
  • Provide your personal information by entering your full name, the name displayed on the Card, date of birth, social security number, and mother’s name.
  • Enter your Identification number and identification state.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Enter your email address, primary phone number, mobile number, address, number at current address, and the number of months at current address.
  • Click on the check box.
  • Financial information
  • Enter your employer name, years with an employer, months with an employer, gross annual income, and business annual income.
  • Choose your housing situation, and enter your monthly housing payment and job title.
  • Tick the check box below “Do have a checking or savings account with Simmons Bank”.

Tick on the check box beside “I have read and agree to the certifications above” and click on “Submit”.

Simmons Visa Signature Credit Card Sign Up

Signing up with your Simmons rewards visa signature credit card for online access is easy and you get to manage your card account. With the account, you get promotional offers online, make online payments, manage/check account balances, etc.

How to Sign Up for Simmons Visa Signature Credit Card

Follow the institutions below to sign up for a new user profile on Simmons:

  • Go
  • Click on Login at the right side of the Simmons homepage.
  • From the login dropdown, click on “Don’t have a User ID? Create one”.
  • On the enrollment form, enter your Social Security Number, account number, email, and phone number,
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions that will be displayed next to commence.

Simmons Visa Signature Credit Card Login

If you have an account with Simmons bank and the account is logged out, now is the time to get back into your card account.

How to Log in to Simmons Credit Card

Use the steps below to log in;

  • Navigate to
  • Select Login on the right side.
  • Select the options shown and enter your user ID.
  • Next, click on “Go”.
  • Immediately, the login page will be loaded immediately, enter your password and click on “Sign in”.

How to Reset Simmons Visa Signature Credit Card

If you have forgotten or lost your card account username or password, follow the steps below to get back into your account;

  • From the Simmons bank homepage. Click on “Log in”.
  • Then select “Forgot user ID or Password”.
  • From the pop-up, click on the directory link to change/reset your password or user ID.
  • The system will have to verify you are the only one accessing the account.
  • Enter your username and email or click on “Try another way” and enter your social security number and account number.
  • Then click on “Next”.
  • Follow the instructions will be provided by the system to get your account.

Simmons Bank Visa Credit Limit

The credit limit that is offered to approved individuals for the Simmons visa credit card is $500. Nevertheless, you can call the customer service representative to increase your credit limit after at least 6 months of account opening.

Simmons Bank Credit Card Payment

You can make payment directly to your credit card from Simmons Bank’s checking or savings account. Online payments can be done online and on mobile banking. Also, Simmons card payment can be made through any Simmons Bank branch, by mail, or through a customer service representative.

How to Make Simmons Bank Credit Card Payment

Follow the steps below to make your online payments;

  • Login to your account via the website or mobile banking.
  • From the dashboard, click the blue tile with the card name.
  • Click on “Pay”.
  • Choose the amount you want to pay and select “Submit”.
  • Immediately your payment will be applied to your card balance.

Simmons Bank Credit Card Customer Service

If you have got questions about the Simmons rewards visa signature credit card, you can contact the card customer service by phone or using the app.

How to Access Simmons Bank Credit Card Customer Service

Follow below:

  • Navigate to the Simmons card homepage and click on the icon on the right side.
  • Select “Get support”.

The card customer service number will be shown for you to contact them.

Simmons Bank App

You can stay on top with the Simmons Bank mobile app. With the Simmons bank app, you can connect accounts from other institutions, set up alerts, deposit checks, and others. Simmons Bank mobile app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It is free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to apply for Simmons Rewards Visa Signature?

To be eligible and apply for the Simmons visa signature card, you must be at least 18 years. You will need to provide your complete name and contact information, annual income, source of income, and employer information. Also, a valid social security number and authorized users if any.

What is the average credit score needed to get approved for the Simmons Rewards Visa Signature credit card?

There is exactly a credit score specified to get approved, however, if your credit rating is excellent, you have already secured your approval. That is to say, if you have a good credit score, your chances of getting approved are high.

Does Simmons credit card have an app?

Yes. Simmons Bank has a mobile app for mobile banking. The bank app is free on the app store and google play store. It is the store as Simmons Bank card controls. You get to control how, when, and where your card is used by enrolling your credit or debit card in the Card Controls.

How do I lock my Simmons card?

If your credit card is got lost or stolen, call the customer service number and report it. You can lock your card by clicking on “Card Management” on your card account. Then click on the “Green icon” by card name to deny transactions. When your card is found, follow the same procedure to unlock your Simmons card back.

Does Simmons Bank have credit cards?

Yes. The Simmons Rewards Visa Signature credit card is available to eligible applicants. The cardholders receive 1.25 points on every dollar spent on their card.

Can I register additional credit card accounts I have with Simmons Bank?

Yes. You may register additional accounts for which you are the primary cardholder through the “Add Account” tab or function. You will need to provide the card details to add that particular card.

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